Apple’s Supplier Foxconn Quadruples Bonuses Amid COVID-19 Outbreak At Facility

Foxconn, Apple’s primary contract manufacturer, is rumored to have quadrupled incentives to prevent rising employee dissatisfaction and retain as many employees as possible to continue iPhone assembly at a constant pace.

This choice was made when severe precautions were taken to slow the spread of COVID-19. According to reports, several workers left the assembly location over the weekend, complaining that they were being victimized. According to Foxconn’s official WeChat account, incentives for workers in the assembling facility who produce electronics have increased from 100 yuan to 400 yuan (about $55) every day.

Apple employs roughly 200,000 employees at its Zhengzhou facility, where most of its iPhones are put together. Although the corporation has additional smaller production facilities in South China and India, their daily production capacity is far inferior to that of the main production house. According to one figure, this plant manufactures almost 70% of all iPhones delivered internationally; as a result, Foxconn places a high value on the property, increasing bonuses by 400% per day.

Sadly, Foxconn was forced to comply with the government’s demands. One person who knew the situation claimed that workers stationed at the factory were laboring under appalling conditions. That individual also said the administration had to react appropriately because the COVID-19 lockdown had surprised them.

Food and drink options were restricted initially, according to one person who agreed to keep their name a mystery. Anxiety arose due to a lack of necessary supplies, but soon after, a container, including food and water, arrived at Foxconn’s factory, presumably calming the tense mood of the staff. Regarding the date on which these limitations will be abolished and the duration of these benefits, Apple’s assembly partner has not yet issued a remark.

The manufacture of Apple products, notably the iPhone 14 series, has undoubtedly been impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic at the facility. Foxconn hasn’t released any official statements, and as soon as further information becomes available, we’ll let you know.


Muhammad Zuhair

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