How to Forward Ports for PS4 to Play Games Online

The PlayStation  4 is a wonderful console, it is top of the line with entire lines of exclusives, first person shooters and sports games, but most of these games are much more fun when you play with friends, Same console gaming, often known as couch co-op, have become very limited in the new generation of consoles, but you can game online with your friends around the world. Today we are going to show you the ins and outs of online gaming in the PlayStation 4, how to set up your wifi and any troubleshooting problems you may face.

We are going to go through the process of setting up ports to play online on your PlayStation 4.

First, we’ll need to make sure you have a static IP in your PlayStation, to get a static IP go into your settings, then network.


Choose view connection status,you’ll be prompt with a window showing your IP address, primary DNS, secondary DNS,  default gateway and subnet mask, write down all of these numbers because we will need them later.


Choose cancel and go back to the menu you were at before, Now choose “Set Up Internet Connection”, then WiFi or LAN depending on your type of connection, choose custom then Manual, set your IP address, normally set it to Write down your IP address on a piece of paper then set the Subnet mask, primary dns, default gateway and secondary dns to what you previously wrote down, when done press next, on the MTU screen, choose Automatic then on the Proxy screen, choose do not use, then select test internet connection to make sure everything is alright.


Now to set up the ports, this will be done on your computer/laptop instead of your ps4.

We are going to explain this in two methods, the first is a simple and generic way but it is less safe, the other one is a less simple way, but it is safe for your network nonetheless.

DMZ Method


To do this method open your browser’s page and go the router page, usually by typing in either or, enter your username and password (if you have never seen this page before then your username and password are probably admin, if they are not call your internet company and ask them for your default username and password), once in the router page select DMZ, every router page is different, some have DMZ straight onto the router page, some you have to choose NAT settings from in the “Advanced” or “Firewall” menu. Type in your PS4 IP address, then press “Enable DMZ” then press submit.

PSN Specific Ports


To do this you method you will also have to open your router’s page, enter your username and password, go into NAT settings in the “Advanced” or “Firewall” menu, then press Port Mapping, This will be different on every router’s page but you will need to set a TCP port of 80, 443, 1935 and 3478-3480. and set a UDP port of 3478-3479. If you don’t know how, search google for “Setting port for Your router name here” .

Once done you will be able to access online gaming on your PS4 as usual, you can now enjoy the massive world of online gaming!


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How to Forward Ports for PS4 to Play Games Online

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