Fortnite OG First Update, Return of Season 6 and Kevin The Cube

It’s been about a week since Fortnite OG made its return to the game along with several items, POIs, and even the old graphics. Surprisingly, Epic Games managed to pull almost 6 million players in the first few days and as we were promised, new seasons have already started to roll out week by week.

The most recent chain of events was Fortnite’s transition from season 5 to season 6 bringing iconic items like the Double Barrell Shotgun, Plungers, Port-A-Fortress, Six Shooter, Heavy Assault Rifle, Shockwave Grenades, and new mobilities like Hoverboards and Quadcrashers. In addition to this, players can now revisit the floating island at Loot Lake along with Kevin The Cube.

Season 6 Mobilities

Players can jump into the new season by simply logging into their games without having to download any additional updates. However, the waiting queues aren’t short and more players are joining as we speak.


Farhan Ali

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