Fortnite OG Just Dropped & Everyone is Streaming Their First Games

Fortnite was released in 2017 and gained massive popularity a few years later. The popularity only rose until 2019 and came to an enormous decline as its hype period ended just like any other game. However, Epic Games was determined to make Fortnite great again and brought about many new changes that slowly started to work for them.

With increasing hype, Fortnite always introduced new ideas and implemented them into the game. One of the best strategies that worked for Epic was the introduction of celebrities and movie characters into Fortnite which was a bulls-eye for the audience the game had.

Fortnite is taking it back to the basics with Season OG. Fortnite’s original map and weapons just came back and relived the old days, and players can still use the new sliding and vaulting mechanics to get about.

With the arrival of this Season, players are downloading the game to relive their golden days. Players are returning to the game, and streamers are picking off where they left off, covering the action across various platforms. Over 600,000 watchers on Twitch right now indicates that the buzz is back for good.

Fortnite Hitting 673K on Twitch | TwitchTracker

Various well-known streamers are streaming their first games alongside marathon streams which is attracting a large number of viewers alongside additional hype for the game.

Various Gamers Streaming on YouTube

Chapter 1 of Fortnite OG will be focused on Season 5. This includes bringing back the shopping cart and the all-terrain kart, as well as bringing back the assault rifle, pump shotgun, and hunting rifle, plus returning the infamously damaged Tilted Towers.

More of OG will go into subsequent sections. Season 6 will be updated on November 9 with new quadcrashers and six-shooters, Seasons 7 and 8 on November 16 with Stormwing planes and mini-guns, and Seasons 9 and X on November 23 with jetpacks and the Baller.

This is all we have for now, do let us know what you think about the return of Fortnite OG in the comments below.


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