Fortnite to Feature Mr. Beast Burger in the Game Soon

At FNCS Invitational 2022, Epic Games revealed the upcoming collaboration Fortnite × MrBeast Burger. It surprised the fans as there was no previous promotion or teaser about this collaboration with Mr. Beast’s fast food brand. 

Mr. Beast has grown massively in the past 3 years, from reaching 100 Million subscribers on YouTube to opening the first physical location of his ghost kitchen restaurant business Mr. Beast Burger in the biggest mall in America. Mr. Beast Burger was established as an online fast-food business in December 2020. During the Pandemic, when the world was going through a hard time, local restaurants were struggling to sustain during the lockdown. 

Mr. Beast Burger
Mr. Beast Burger

Mr. Beast, known for his philanthropic nature, stepped forward as their savior and started Mr. Beast Burger as an initiative to help local restaurants to reach millions of customers online and the major percentage of the revenue is kept by the kitchen who fulfills the order. 

Mr. Beast already had built significant brand value by then, and Mr. Beast Burger on launch was an instant hit. It will be interesting to see how Mr. Beast Burger, a fast food brand, will be used in Fortnite. Although Fortnite has its own fictional in-game fast food chain, Durrr Burger and Beef Boss as its Brand Mascot, maybe it could be something around that.

The picture shared on Twitter by famous Fortnite leaker and data miner @HYPEX showcases the life-size Durrr Burger with the MrBeastBurger logo in its mouth; the mascot was featured at the live FNCS 2022 event. 

Fortnite is famous for its creative collaborations with major entertainment studios and icons, making Fortnite stand out from any other Battle Royal game. In addition, it keeps the experience fresh for the players by adding famous entertainment characters and heroes to the game each season. 

Fortnite | Epic Games

Similarly, it is not the first time Fortnite has collaborated with a content creator; the game has also featured several content creators in its seasonal offerings; PewDiePie, Ninja, and LazerBeam are a few of many names who have been featured in the game. And this Mr. Beast collaboration is exciting in its own way, as Fortnite decided to feature his fast food brand instead of him in the game. 

And there are endless possibilities on how this crossover will work out; it could be an in-game event, limited-time game mode, cosmetics, emotes, or whatnot. Fortnite Wiki has put together a list of all types of collaborations Fortnite has done:

  • Item Shop Cosmetic Items such as Outfits, Wraps, Back Blings, Gliders and Harvesting Tools. Also Lobby Music, Emotes and Loading Screens.
  • Exclusive Bundles paid for with real money.
  • Cosmetic Items included in the Fortnite Crew subscription.
  • Real life people in the form of Icon Series cosmetics.
  • Real life products and merchandise.
  • Third Party music artists in the form of Icon Series music and emotes.
  • Battle Pass Cosmetic Items.
  • Promotions from third party applications.
  • Game Modes with exclusive weapons and items.
  • Collaboration Seasons.
  • In Game Events.
  • Party Royale Premieres.
  • Map Changes.
  • ‘Official’ Easter Eggs.

It is for sure that Mr. Beast fans are looking forward to this upcoming collaboration, and it will be surprising to see how these two will fit together. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comment section below.


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