Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Will Feature Over 1200 Lego Skin Variations

Yesterday, during Fortnite’s Big Bang” event, the game saw nearly 5 million more concurrent players than its previous record. A Lego World, created in partnership with Lego, will be featured in the new chapter that is being added to the game today, as shown in yesterday’s trailer.

According to a recent development, Fortnite will feature over 1200 free Lego skin variations of already present skins in the game. The skins will be accessible for people who already own their normal version and will be used to play in the Lego world.

Every original Epic-made skin for the game will get one, though not every skin in Fortnite will. This is probably because of licensing concerns with all the legally licensed characters in the game. Epic has promised additional Lego Fortnite skins “regularly,” so it’s not out of the question that existing licensed characters may get the Lego makeover.

Lego figures and video games are already available for a number of licensed titles in the game, including Marvel. For more than a decade, TT Games held the exclusive console rights to the Lego franchise, and it was they who created the Lego video games.

There might be licensing problems with video game adaptations of some Lego properties, even if TT no longer has the exclusive rights to create Lego console games (as demonstrated with 2023‘s Lego 2K Drive). Characters like Robocop or the Xenomorph from the Alien series are unlikely to obtain a Lego counterpart since Lego has always avoided working with adult properties.

This is all we know for now, do let us know what you think about Lego Fortnite in the comments below.


Farhan Ali

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