5.6 Million Players Are Playing Fortnite OG Concurrently [Updated]

UPDATE: The game just made a new record with over 5.6 million concurrent players.
The previous record for concurrent players outside of a special event was 3.9 million, thus there are currently more than 1.5 million more players than ever before, as measured by Fortnite.gg
Fortnite Hits 5.6 Concurrent Viewers | Fortnite.gg

Players are coming to Fortnite in a record number since the return of the OG season.

With the introduction of Season OG of Fortnite and the inclusion of the game’s first chapter’s map, the game’s previous record for the most people online at once was shattered by almost 1 million. As a result, its record-high number of concurrent users increased from 2,992,583 to 3,913,817.

Soon after the new season began, Twitter/X user @Okami13_ shared a screenshot of the achievement from one of the numerous sites that track Fortnite’s concurrent traffic using information provided by Epic Games.

After the theme for Season 5 was announced in Chapter 4, interest in the game spiked again. The new season is a celebration of the series’ progress, allowing players to return to some of the franchise’s loved locations while also taking them back to the original map that was lost due to story-related updates and alterations.

Players are obviously determined to get back to this nostalgic content while they still can, as the window of opportunity to do so is closing soon.

Chapter 1 of Fortnite OG will be focused on Season 5. This includes bringing back the shopping cart and the all-terrain kart, as well as bringing back the assault rifle, pump shotgun, and hunting rifle, plus returning the infamously damaged Tilted Towers.

More of OG will go into subsequent sections. Season 6 will be updated on November 9 with new quadcrashers and six-shooters, Seasons 7 and 8 on November 16 with Stormwing planes and mini-guns, and Seasons 9 and on November 23 with jetpacks and the Baller.

Fortnite’s original map is presently available to play on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android. This is all we have for now, do let us know what you think about the return of Fortnite OG in the comments below.


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