Fortnite Is Finally Heading Back To Its Origins, Chapter 1 Returns this November

Fortnite’s popularity has dropped tremendously when comparing it to the time it came out. With Chapter 4 Season 4 nearing its end, rumors began to suggest that the game was returning to its origins, and they have turned to be true.

After lots of in-game teasers and rumors, Epic has confirmed that Fortnite will turn back the clock to where it all started—the Chapter 1. On November 3, 2023, the next season of the game, Chapter 4 Season 5 will apparently feature the original battle royale map from Chapter 1.

Epic Confirms “Sprinting” and “Mantling” Will Remain Part of the Game

With the return of Chapter 1, Epic has cleared out the rumor that Tactical Sprinting and Mantling will be removed from the game. This claim turned out to be false, and with Chapter 1 map returning, these features will give the players a new perspective to play the game. This is because back in Chapter 1, till Season 5, both of these features didn’t exist.

Returning to the first chapter, it was a time when the game truly skyrocketed in popularity and likely holds a special place in the memories of many players even today. The Season 1 map, Athena (pictured below), is where it all began for one of the most popular battle royale games of the current era.

The original Chapter 1 Season 1 map, “Athena”

Why is Epic Circling Back to Season 1?

It’s important to understand that this map return probably has little to do with Epic pulling back the lost Fortnite fanbase, but more with how the lore of the game is structured. You see, the main idea is to take players back in time to revisit the events of the past and circle back again until it’s all left behind once more.

This entire OG return to roots will last for about a month before the game transitions to Chapter 5. However, the return of Chapter 1 Battle Passes remains a mystery. Epic did say that bringing back Battle Passes from the past wasn’t going to happen, but we haven’t seen any sorts of official confirmation.

Either way, within this one month of Chapter 1, we’ll surely see a surge in Fortnite’s player count, and it remains to be seen how Epic uses this opportunity to market the new face of the game. This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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