Fix: Windows 10 Error Code 0x803F700

Error code 0x803F700 is a rather generic error that may appear in various situations. However, the two by far most common situations are when you can’t download an app from the Windows Store, and when you have made a hardware change to your computer (something major, like the motherboard). If you’re having problems with the Windows Store, you can read on how to solve error 0x803F7000

However, if you’re having issues with activation and this is the error code you receive, things are a bit more complicated. Depending on when you have activated Windows 10, and how, there are two options. One of them is your Windows 10 being tied to your motherboard, and the other one is the key being tied to your account. Major hardware changes, such as the motherboard or a hard drive, might be telling Microsoft that you’re trying to use the same serial key on another device – even though you’re not. This won’t let you activate Windows by yourself if you’ve changed your motherboard. However, with Windows 10, you are actually entitled to a one-time change of the serial key. What this means is that if you change a major hardware part, you can contact Microsoft to let them know, and they will guide you through activating your operating system again without buying a new key. Keep in mind though, that this can be only done once. To see in details what exactly you should do, take a look at Activating Windows 10


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