Fix: Roku Remote not Working

Roku is the company which makes Roku players or devices that works for streaming TV shows and movies from the internet to your TV. And the video content that is provided by Roku can be free or paid depending on the content. Most of the famous streaming services like YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and more are available on Roku and works like apps on a smartphone. Roku device or sticks comes with different versions or styles, but they are as a small black box.

Roku Device and Roku Remote

However, there have been many reports by the users that their Roku remotes are not working, whether the remotes are new or used. Sometimes the users are unable to pair the remotes and sometimes the remotes will be already paired but will stop working without any reason.

What causes the Roku Remote to not Work?

We investigated this particular issue by going through various user reports and the repair methods that they used to resolve the issue. We found out some of the reasons which can be the cause for the remote to be not working.

  • Dead Batteries: The most common reason for a remote to not work will always be because of the dead batteries.
  • The Pairing of Remote: If your device is new that you just bought, then the pairing of remote with the device is must and without these two being paired remote will not work.
  • Not Recognizing: Sometimes the remote or the device will stop recognizing each other for some reasons (even they are already paired), which will stop communication between them.
  • Wi-Fi Connection: If there is no Wi-Fi available then the device and the remote both will not work. Also, the wrong channel on a router can cause a pairing problem.

Note: To link the Roku remote to your Roku device or stick, you must have a Wi-Fi connection for it to work otherwise it won’t work. And if you do have Wi-Fi and try to pair it but it still doesn’t work, then that’s because your Wi-Fi is not set to “Channel 11” which is found in your internet router settings.

Before we move towards the methods, make sure your remote is compatible with the device before trying these methods. Now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the problem, we will move on towards the methods

Method 1: Pairing the Roku Remote

Most people will be using it for the first time and will be unaware of how to pair the Roku Remote with the Roku device, and will keep checking the remote for the fix. You need to pair the remote to your device first to make it work. And to do that follow the below steps

  1. Open the “Battery Compartment” and find a small button
  2. Hold this small “Pairing Button” for three seconds
    Pairing button in the battery compartment
  3. Pairing window will appear and it will pair the remote to the device.
    This window will pop up and start loading

For those who don’t have a pairing button, don’t worry next method is for you.

Method 2: Pairing Roku Remote without Pairing Button

The IR remotes for Roku will be the ones that come without any pairing button on the back. So for people, it can be confusing about how to pair the remote to the Roku device. Here is the simple way you can pair it without a pairing button.

  1. Hold the “Reset” button on your Roku device for 15 seconds
    Note: Might not need to do this if the device is new.
  2. Once the device is reset, then press and hold these buttons until you see pairing window
    Home + Back + Star
    : If the three keys don’t work, you can try just holding the “Home + Back” button.

    Pairing buttons for IR remote without pairing button

Make sure there is nothing blocking the signal between the device (player) and remote communication because if something is blocking, then pairing won’t work.

Method 3:  Re-Pairing or Resetting the Roku Remote

In this method, we will be resetting the pairing of remote and device. Your remote was maybe paired with your device before but now it stopped functioning suddenly, so these steps will fix the problem and make the remote and device recognize each other again.

  1. Reset by holding these 3 buttons
    Home + Back + Pairing

    Back, home and pairing button pressed and hold together
  2. After that take out “Batteries” from the remote
  3. Now “Unplug” the Roku player power cable
  4. Put the “Batteries” back in remote
  5. And “Plug” the Roku player back
  6. Wait for it to load screen, you will see the pairing of remote automatically.

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