Fix: Discord not Connecting

Discord is a pretty popular VOIP app, especially in the gaming communities. It allows users to do voice/video/text chats with other people. But Discord users are experiencing some problems with the Discord app. It seems like Discord app isn’t getting connected for a lot of users. Majority of the users are seeing the initial connecting screen forever and they never get past that screen. This obviously prevents them from using the app despite having a working internet connection.

Discord not connecting
Discord not connecting

What causes the Discord app to get stuck at the connecting screen?

There are a few things that can prevent Discord from connecting. Here is a list of the things that can cause be behind this issue.

  • Antivirus Application: Antivirus applications are known to cause issues with internet connectivity. Since antivirus applications try to protect you by blocking the connections, it’s not uncommon for these applications to flag a perfectly fine connection and, therefore, block the connection of a legitimate app. This might be happening with the Discord users.
  • Proxy Server: This issue can also be caused by the use of a proxy server. If you are (were) using a proxy server or your network is configured to use a proxy server then that might be causing this issue.

Method 1: Turn off Browsing Protection

A lot of antivirus applications comes with a feature named browsing protection and this feature can cause issues with the Discord. If you are using the F-Secure Safe, then the issue is highly likely related to the F-Secure Safe since it is known to cause this issue. Follow the steps given below and disable the Browsing Protection feature of F-Secure Safe

  1. Open the F-Secure Safe
  2. Click Browsing Protection from the bottom
Select Browsing Protection
F-Secure Safe Browsing Protection
  1. Toggle off the Browsing Protection from the top right corner
  2. Click Ok
Turn off F-Secure Safe Browsing Protection
Turn off F-Secure Safe Browsing Protection

This should fix the issue.

Note: If you are using some other antivirus application then try to turn off its browsing protection feature as well. Almost every antivirus application these days have this feature. Even if your antivirus application doesn’t have this feature, try to disable the antivirus application for a while to see if it is interfering with the connection. If the issue gets resolved after disabling the antivirus then either keep the program disabled or install another one.

Method 2: Change the Network Settings

Since the issue is with the internet connectivity, there’s a very high chance that it is caused by your internet or proxy settings. Changing the internet settings to not use the proxy servers has fixed the issue for a considerable amount of users. So we will try that now.

  1. Hold Windows key and press I
  2. Click Network & Internet
Select Network & Internet
Windows Network Settings
  1. Select Proxy from the left pane
  2. Scroll down and toggle off the option Use a proxy server
Turn off Proxy Server
Turn off Proxy Server

That’s it. This should rectify the issue.

Method 3: Update Discord

Discord gets updates on a pretty regular basis so it might just be the previous update that introduced this bug in the application. This should be the case if you started experiencing the issue after an update. If the methods mentioned above didn’t solve the issue then, unfortunately, there isn’t anything that we can do. These type of bugs are usually fixed in the next update so the best thing that you can do is to just wait for the Discord update. You don’t have to do anything though, the Discord app will automatically get the update. So just try to open the Discord every now and then to see if the issue is resolved.

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Fix: Discord not Connecting

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