Fix: Amazon Echo Error 12:2:15:10:1

Amazon Echo users experience the error code 12:2:15:10:1 when they try to activate or register their Echo devices over the internet. This error message is somewhat absurd but is very common among various new Echo users.

Amazon Echo

The error code 12:2:15:10:1 mostly means that the Echo device which you are trying to register or activate is barred from doing so because Amazon officials have deactivated it from the backend side. In a majority of the cases, the reason is the device being reported stolen or lost.

What causes Amazon Echo Error 12:2:15:10:1?

These are only a few cases why users might encounter this error message when trying to register their Echo device. Some of them are:

  • Deactivated by Amazon: As mentioned before, this error message mostly means that the Echo device is deactivated from the backend by Amazon because either it was reported stolen or lost. This might also occur if Amazon has recalled the parcel.
  • No access to Internet: If you are not close to a wireless access point or have an unstable internet connection, you might experience this error message as well.

There are no possible workarounds for this error message since it is associated with the Amazon service which controls the connectivity architecture for their Echo devices.

Solution 1: Ensuring proper Internet connection

The only thing you can excluding contacting Amazon support is making sure that the internet connection you are using is strong and has proper connectivity. If you are using any firewalls or proxy servers, you should turn them off and try again.

Samsung S7 Internet Connection

Connectivity problems are always one of the main issues when registering an application since it is not only about just entering your credentials. We also recommend that you move closer to the access point of the router. If the issue persists, restart your router and try again. If even you are unable to register your Echo, you should switch to another network and try there.

Solution 2: Contacting Amazon Support

This error message primarily signifies that you should contact Amazon support immediately. Like we explained earlier, you experience this error message because of one of the following reasons. There might also be other cases out there which don’t cover.

  • The Echo device is either reported stolen or lost.
  • You bought your Echo device from third-party vendors.
  • Your Echo device was given to you as a Gift.
  • Your Echo device was misplaced by your courier or you recalled it earlier (before it arrived anyway and you used it).

This error message primarily means that the Echo device is not getting registered to the account from which was primarily brought on. This is the case if you were given a gift or bought it from third-party vendors.

Amazon Support

In the case of mail, when you recall your Echo, Amazon automatically blocks it from the backend.

In any case, contact Amazon Support and explain the error code to them. They will instantly understand your situation and guide you through the entire way. It is best if you have your Amazon Echo box with you. It contains a serial number which when provided to the customer service, can get your Echo unlocked with ease.


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