How to fix Alexa’s Voice Recognition

Alexa is an amazon artificial intelligence device designed to help one with various tasks such as playing music, controlling lights and other home appliances at the command of one’s voice. The device however has its share of annoying problems just like any other device out there. We provide suggestions on how to deal with such problems to ensure your device does work for you.

One of the requirement of Alexa setup is WIFI connection but what happens if the WIFI connection is inconsistent or non-existent? Well, in such case we would recommend the following steps to fix the WIFI connection issue.

Use these steps to fix your problem;


First follow the common solution. Reboot your access point or router. Switch off Alexa and switch it on again. If that doesn’t help, try changing the position of the device away from devices that might be causing signal interference. Moving Alexa to higher ground helps avoid signal interference. Router speed upgrades would also do the trick.

Voice training

What if Alexa doesn’t understand you and keeps replying with “I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question”? Well in such case there might be a number of causes the major being that Alexa is not yet accustomed to your voice. Alexa improves with time. To fasten this improvement, start by using the voice training tool. Go to settings > voice training in the Alexa app and you will be asked to repeat a number of pre-selected phrases to help Alexa learn your accent. Next, check what Alexa actually heard. Go to settings and hit history. Here you will be able to see the words Alexa heard wrong and learn to say them better next time.

Fix streaming service or firewall

Sometimes you find that Alexa streaming services are not working. This would most probably be caused by WIFI interference. However, to fix this we suggest the following steps. Check your internet speeds. If its below 0.5Mbps you might consider upgrading the bandwidth since this is below Amazon recommendations. Also check your firewall settings. If you are running additional security measures make sure the following ports are open: 123, 443, 4070, 5353, 40317, 49317, 33434.

You might at one time encounter a problem where Alexa doesn’t connect to other devices such your lights control system, microwave or smart oven. This could be just because your device is not compatible with Alexa. If it is then try following the setup instructions of that device before asking Alexa to discover it.

Factory reset

If all the above don’t work, you might consider resetting Alexa to factory defaults. To do this look for a reset button next to the power adapter. Use a pin or something equally sharp. Hold the button in until the light ring turns orange and you done.


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