Finalmouse Keyboard Leak Shows Interactive Design Powered by Unreal Engine 5

A gaming keyboard with a purported interactive skin developed on Unreal Engine 5 was recently shown through a Finalmouse leak. It’s anticipated that Finalmouse will produce its first mechanical keyboard later this year.

Finalmouse hinted in January of last year that “freethinking” mechanical keyboards would be released on December 17. Although the company withheld more information about the item, a recent prototype leak gave players a sneak preview of what’s coming. Jake Lucky, a YouTuber and esports reporter, shared a video on Twitter that showed a keyboard base with an animated koi fish skin. He said that it was produced using cutting-edge technology and that Unreal Engine 5 was used to generate the skins.

The Finalmouse keyboard is supposedly able to power itself up and has its own GPU and CPU, according to more information that was revealed in Lucky’s Twitter thread. Once the gadget is released, keyboard skins will be offered on Steam. Finalmouse responded to a user beneath the thread and said that the video was from a year ago and the “final product is on a different league,” despite the fact that it was a leak. No other information was provided regarding the gadget.

Dedicated gamers have expressed excitement about purchasing the Finalmouse mechanical keyboard, despite the fact that they are mindful of its high price tag. As most individuals are informed, high-quality gaming equipment can be rather expensive. In addition, taking into consideration that the price of Finalmouse mice might vary anywhere from $89.99 to $189.99 on average, it is likely that the company’s keyboards will be substantially more costly.

Even more intriguing is the claim that the keyboard skins were created using Unreal Engine 5. More information will be made public during an event on December 17 at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, which Finalmouse has been teasering since January. As soon as new information becomes available, we’ll keep you informed.


Muhammad Zuhair

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