Fix: File System Error (-805305975)

A user may encounter the File System error 805305975 primarily when opening a file irrespective of the file format. This error mostly occurs because of software problems of the operating system as compared to hardware failure of the hard drive where the file is saved. Usually, users encounter the current file system error while trying to view images. In some rare cases, the error could occur with other file types like videos & music files.

File System Error (-805305975)

To fix the file system error in Windows 10, follow the solutions mentioned below.

Solution 1: Update Windows to the Latest Built

Windows is continuously updated to cater to new technology and developments. Also, known bugs are patched to create a better user experience. However, if you are using an outdated version of Windows, then that could be the root cause of the current file system error. Here, updating Windows to the latest built may solve the problem.

  1. Update Windows of your system to the latest built and restart your system.
    Check For Updates in Windows Update
  2. Now open the files you were having issues to check if they are clear of the error

Solution 2: Clean Boot Your System

All Windows processes/applications co-exist with others on your machine. They share resources and access to several system modules. There are several instances where some applications conflict with the current system process which causes bizarre problems that include the File System error. These are mostly third-party applications.

To rule out that there are no third-party applications conflicting with the File System, we will make use of clean booting.

  1. Clean boot your system. Now open the files you are having issues with and check if these files are opening fine.
  2. If so, then find and disable/uninstall the applications that are creating the issue. One such application is the Epson Negative Scanner.

Solution 3: Reset the Photos App

Every PC user uses different pretenses, presets, and settings for different applications. But sometimes these presets/preferences do not go well with the overall operation of the application and system if they conflict with each other. We came across instances where Photos was conflicting with some system modules which in turn caused this error. Here, resetting the photos app may solve the problem.

  1. Right-click on the Window button and then in the menu shown, click on Settings.
    Open Windows Settings
  2. Now, click on Apps from the main Settings menu.
    Select Apps
  3. Click on Microsoft Photos and then click on Advanced Options.
    Open Advanced Options of Microsoft Photos
  4. Then scroll down till the end and there click on Reset.
  5. Now click on the Reset button to confirm to reset the app.
    Reset Photos App
  6. Restart your system and open the files you were having issues to check if they are clear of the error.

Solution 4: Reset Windows to Factory Settings

If going through all the above solutions did not help you, then the issue could be caused by Windows system modules themselves. To rule that out, perform an SFC scan and then a DISM scan. If this doesn’t solve it, resetting your system may help as well.

Run SFC Command

Solution 5: Check Your Hard Drive for Errors

If resetting Windows could not solve the issue, then the problem seems to be with your hard drive itself. There are numerous instances where the hard drive has bad sectors or may start to fail over time. There may even be physical damage if the hard drive was dropped. Make sure to check if your hard disk has started to fail just to be sure.

Check Hard Disk

If the problem does indeed turn out to be the hard drive, you can either fix the bad sectors or try replacing them altogether.

Solution 6: Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Photos app

If none of the methods shown above fixed your problem, you can try to remove the Windows Photo app from your Windows then try reinstalling it by using the Windows PowerShell command lines. Follow these steps:-

  1. Click on the start menu then search for “Windows PowerShell”.
  2. Now click “run as administrator”.
  3. Once PowerShell has opened type the following command:-
    Get-appxpackage Microsoft.Windows.Photos | remove-appxpackage
  4. Wait for the PowerShell to uninstall the Photos app. Once it’s processed type the following command:-
    Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.Windows.Photos | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”
  5. Restart your computer and check to see if the issue persists.
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Fix: File System Error (-805305975)

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