Fix: “Oh no, it crashed!” Error When Starting Far Cry 6

How to Fix Far Cry 6 Crashing on Startup?

Far Cry 6 is one of the most hyped-up games of 2021 has finally launched unfortunately however not without its fair share of issues as many players on PC are already struggling to boot up the game without experiencing constant crashes on startup.

How to fix Far Cry 6 Crashing

These issues are very likely caused because either the graphic drivers are out of date and aren’t supporting the latest render libraries in Far Cry 6 or the installation files are corrupt. This may also be caused by the lack of administrative privileges if you are trying to install the game on a Standard user account. Luckily many of these potential problems have easy fixes which will be detailed throughout this article.

Reasons for Far Cry 6 Crashing on startup, Failure to launch

  • Lacking Admin Privilege’s – Sometimes background apps will interfere with the game’s boot, meaning without sufficient permissions the game will be unable to boot.
  • Missing or Corrupted Files during installation – One of the most common causes of CTD stems from missing or corrupted files during the installation of the game
  • Outdated Windows – An outdated version of our OS can also lead to compatibility issues quite commonly failing to launch or crash at startup.
  • Out-Dated Graphics Drivers – Outdated graphic drivers commonly lead to a plethora of issues such as graphics not loading and also crashes. Thus, ensuring respective GPU drivers are up to date is crucial.
  • Firewalls and any Third-Party anti-virus software’s – Many Third-party anti-virus software’s, as well as windows’ firewalls and antivirus systems, can quarantine the game’s executables and other programs essential for boot operation thus failing to launch.

Now that we have isolated the potential causes, we can now begin practicing their respective solutions to finally stop the cursed crashes.

Run as an administrator

In order to counteract this potential issue, we will need to navigate to our Far Cry 6 game directory.

  1. On Epic games the default game library location is “C:\Program Files\Epic Games\
  2. On Uplay you can click on “Properties” under Far Cry 6 in your game library which will show you the game’s path location.
    Far Cry 6 Game Install Location U-Play
  3. After locating the path of the game, press Windows Key + R and key in the game’s path to get to the main directory
    Windows Run Prompt
  4. Finally, right-click “FarCry6.exe” and click “Run as administrator”
    Launch FarCry6.exe as Administrator

Missing or Corrupted Files During Installation

This is a widespread occurrence that plagues many gamers. However, there is an effortless way to check and redownload missing files. Verifying game integrity varies slightly depending on what client you have downloaded the game on.

For Epic Games Launcher

  1. Navigate to your game’s library and Locate Far Cry 6
  2. and click on the 3 dots on the bottom right to open settings, from there click on Verify
Verify File Integrity via Epic Games


Epic Games will then start verifying game files and, if needed, will download/replace missing or corrupted files. After the verifying process is completed, Launch the game to see if it still crashes…

For U-Play

  1. Navigate to your games Library
    Open U-Play game library
  2. At the bottom right of your games click on More Actions and then navigate to Verify FilesVery File integrity from U-Play
  3. Uplay will then begin verifying game files and redownload any missing or corrupted game files if necessary, after which you can launch the game and check if it crashes or not.

Update your Windows

Having an outdated OS can cause a lot of compatibility issues which could be the root cause of the crashes. Additionally, Far Cry 6 has Windows 10 64-bit (20H1) or better as a minimum requirement otherwise it can’t run.

Thus, having up-to-date windows at least build (20H1) is crucial for preventing crashes to desktops.

If you are unsure what version of windows you currently have you can simply Check by following these simple steps

  1. Navigate to Windows settings by Pressing “CTRL+ESC” and typing settings in the search or bar or by simply pressing “Windows Key + I”.
  2. Then through the settings app navigate to “Updates and Security”
    Open Windows 11 Settings App
  3. From there, click on “Windows Updates” on the left sidebar, then click on “Check for Updates”
    Navigate to “Windows Update” and update if one is available
  4. If any update is available Windows will notify you and install the updates on your system.
  5. After the updates have been successfully installed launch the game again to see if it fixed the issue.

Update your Graphics Drivers

Outdated graphics drivers can be the prime cause for crashes on startup as well as a plethora of other issues related to loading of graphics, thus updating your GPU drivers is essential, luckily both Nvidia and AMD released a day one patch for Far Cry 6 which increases performance and also fixes issues which could be potential causes for crashing.

Installing Updated Graphics Drivers

To update our drivers, we first need to determine the manufacturer of our system’s drivers which we can be done by. Now that we know the manufacturer of our systems, we can proceed with updating the graphics drivers. By going to the websites of your respective manufacturer you can download the latest available drivers. The best way to install drivers is to first uninstall the drivers, this can be done by

  1. Searching and opening “Device Manager” In the start menu
  2. Navigating to Display Adapters and uninstalling your graphics drivers
    Uninstall current graphic drivers
  3. Afterward, download and install the latest drivers
  4. Finally, launch Far Cry 6 to see if it fixed the crashing

Windows Firewall and Third-Party Antiviruses

Third-party antivirus software and even windows’ own firewalls and antivirus systems may be the reason Far Cry 6 not starting up or crashing on startup. There are two ways to fix this issue: to outright disable windows firewalls & any Third-party antivirus systems. For those who aren’t willing to compromise their security, they can create an exception in their windows firewalls for “Far Cry 6.exe“, “Epic Games,” and “Ubisoft Connect”

  1. To disable windows firewall, search and open “Windows Security” in the start menu
    Open Windows security
  2. From there navigate to “Firewall & Network Protection
    Navigate to windows Firewalls
  3. Then Click on Allow an App through Firewall
    Allow aforementioned apps through the firewall
  4. Locate “Far Cry 6.exe” and “Epic Games” or “Ubisoft Connect“, and allow them access through the checkboxes.

For Third-Party Antivirus Softwares

Similarly, if you choose not to outright disable Third-Party Anti-virus software’s you will have to navigate through them and white list “Far Cry 6.exe” and “Epic Games” or “Ubisoft Connect“.

Once you have either disabled firewalls and antivirus or created exceptions for “Far Cry 6.exe” and “Epic Games” or “Ubisoft Connect,” you can then attempt to launch Far Cry 6 to see if it crashes or not.


Muhammad Zubyan

Muhammad Zubyan is a certified Google IT Support Professional with over 7 years of extensive experience. He has worked on more than 1500 computers, gaining valuable insights that enable him to detect and troubleshoot any complicated root cause of Windows-related issues and errors. In addition to managing Appuals as a Senior Editor, he is currently developing his own Game Optimization program that caters to both gamers and casual users alike.