Fan Records Kendrick Lamar’s Concert On His PS Vita

A crowd member uses their PS Vita to record the incredible moment from the front row of the stage at the Kendrick Lamar concert in London

A PS Vita was used by a concertgoer to record Kendrick Lamar from the first row in an image provided by Twitter user LAxFLAME of a Kendrick Lamar performance at London’s O2 Arena. Given that the popular tweet was replete with followers praising the camera selection, the visual depiction of the concert goer utilising the PS Vita to film the event is an excellent illustration of the enthusiasm gamers still have for the handheld.

The PS Vita has been supported by users for years, often in quite inventive ways, despite frequent PlayStation upgrades deleting functions from the device. The portable gaming system was innovative but was regrettably hampered by Sony’s general lack of support and its preference for SD cards. This makes the PS Vita an essential device for collectors to buy because it also means that there are many fantastic titles that are locked on it. 

The PS Vita offered a number of features that set it apart from its rivals, including party and microphone support, Bluetooth, an OLED display, and photo and video recording software that is still in use today.

One commentator in the viral tweet’s comment area revealed that another concert goer had also utilised a 3DS to record the event, however the concert it took place at was not mentioned. Regardless of the cause, it’s encouraging to see gamers continue to show their support for the handheld. It’s possible that the concertgoer’s phone died and the PS Vita was only used as a backup. 

Despite the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch dominating the handheld market, many fan-made PlayStation handhelds that envision the PS Vita’s successor still hold out hope for a PlayStation handheld comeback. 


Muhammad Zuhair

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