How to Fix Error Code WOW51900118 in World of Warcraft?

The error code WOW51900118 occurs when you are unable to log into World of Warcraft on your computer. This error mainly occurs when servers are offline but can also result from factors like inconsistent networks, incorrect network configurations, and faulty DNS servers.

World of Warcraft Error Code WOW51900118
World of Warcraft Error Code WOW51900118

We will guide you through a series of methods in this article that you can use to overcome the WOW51900118 error code and log into World of Warcraft without any trouble.

1. Verify the Server Status of World of Warcraft

Begin by checking the server status of World of Warcraft when you receive the WOW51900118 error code. Visit Blizzard’s official Realm Status page, which displays the status of all realms and various game editions, including Classic.

World of Warcraft Server Status
World of Warcraft Server Status

Additionally, monitor the official X (formerly Twitter) World of Warcraft handle for server issue updates from the development team. If you encounter the error code when the servers are operating correctly, proceed with the methods below.

2. Sign Out of

In some cases, fixing the WOW51900118 error code may simply involve signing out of, particularly if your connection to the servers is outdated. By logging out and back in, the client is required to update the connection parameters on your PC.

This can solve connectivity issues with the servers and any games on the client. Follow the instructions below to sign out of the client:

  1. First, open the client on your PC.
  2. Then, click your profile icon in the top right corner. Profile Icon Profile Icon
  3. From the menu, select the Log Out option.
    Logging Out of
    Logging Out of
  4. After that, log back into
  5. See if the issue persists.

3. Use a Different Connection

Your network connection could be causing issues with World of Warcraft if it’s slow or struggling to reach the servers.

In this situation, try using a different network connection to log into the game. One method is to use your phone’s mobile hotspot to share data. Once connected to this alternative network, log into World of Warcraft and check if the issue continues.

4. Use a VPN Client

Another method to overcome the WOW51900118 error code involves using a VPN connection. This approach is useful when World of Warcraft servers flag your network, preventing you from establishing a connection.

VPN clients tunnel your connection through various servers, concealing your real identity for seamless game server connectivity.

There are multiple VPN clients available online, but not all deliver satisfactory results due to subpar service. We recommend using reputable clients like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

5. Flush DNS Cache

The Domain Name System (DNS) server, pivotal to your network, resolves connections on your system. If the DNS server can’t resolve the domain name, server connections can’t be established.

DNS servers cache data locally on your computer to enhance performance. This expedites connections to previously visited servers, as repeated resolution becomes unnecessary.

However, the DNS cache can sometimes cause issues, particularly when it is corrupted. In these instances, clearing the DNS cache on your system is necessary to resolve the problem.

Follow the instructions below to do this:

  1. First, open the Start Menu and search for Command Prompt.
  2. Then, click on the Run as administrator option on the right.
    Opening Command Prompt as Admin
    Opening Command Prompt as Admin
  3. This opens an elevated command prompt window.
  4. After that, type the following command into the command prompt window:
    ipconfig /flushdns
    Flushing DNS Cache
    Flushing DNS Cache
  5. Once you do that, restart your computer.
  6. Check if the issue persists.

6. Reset Network Settings

If none of the above methods fix the issue, reset your system’s network settings. Returning to the default network configuration often resolves connectivity problems.

Resetting the network settings will remove all network adapters and any custom configurations from your computer. Follow the instructions below to proceed:

  1. First, open the Settings app with the Windows key + I shortcut.
  2. After that, navigate to Network and Internet > Advanced Network Settings > Network Reset.
    Navigating to Network Reset
    Navigating to Network Reset
  3. Finally, click the Reset now button.
    Resetting Windows Network Settings
    Resetting Windows Network Settings
  4. Your computer will restart during the process.
  5. Once done, check if the problem still persists.

The above solutions should resolve the WOW51900118 error code. If the issue is not caused by a server outage, it’s likely due to network inconsistencies that can be rectified with the aforementioned methods. If the problem continues, however, please contact the game’s official customer support team via the support page.


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