Fix: Install Failed Error Code: II-E10003 Epic Games

When Epic Games fails to download the game files from the server, it displays the ‘Install Failed’ error code II-E1003. This indicates that something is preventing Epic Games from downloading the game files. Oftentimes, this occurs when the cache files that Epic Games created for itself become corrupted.

However, there are also other causes that could prevent the game’s installation, such as a weak network connection and interference from the Windows Firewall.

It is always recommended to start troubleshooting by restarting the computer, as it fixes most of the errors that occur due to temporary bugs or glitches.

Once you restart the computer, don’t forget to check the internet connection. You can restart your router and perform a speed test to ensure that the internet is working properly. After confirming all these points, you can proceed to the following troubleshooting methods.

1. Clear the Epic Games Cache

Epic Games creates cache files so that it doesn’t need to request data from the server every time you open it. Cache files contain the data that the application frequently accesses or that the user requires. The application creates cache files to reduce loading time, since requesting data from the server every time can increase it. Therefore, if the Epic Games cache files become corrupted, it could lead to error code II-E1003.

To clear the Epic Games cache files, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the Start Menu, and select Run from the listed options.
  2. Type appdata in the search box and click OK to open the AppData folder.
  3. Navigate to the Local folder, then find the Epic Games folder.
  4. Right-click the Epic Games folder and select Delete.
  5. Once the folder is removed, launch Epic Games, and try installing the game showing this error.

2. Verify the game files

You can also continue the download by verifying the game files. Verifying the game files will re-establish the connection between the server and Epic Games. This can also help if you have corruption in the game files, which prevents the installation. Thus, try verifying the game files by following these steps.

  1. Open Epic Games, then go to Library.
  2. Click the Three dots and select Manage.
  3. Then, click the Verify button to verify the game files.
  4. Once done, try installing the game files to check for the error.

3. Run Epic Games as an administrator

The interference from the Windows Firewall could also be another reason for this error. Windows Firewall is used to monitor data coming in and going out, meaning it helps prevent malicious software by examining incoming and outgoing data.

Therefore, it is possible that the downloading process is being blocked by the Windows Firewall. Thus, try running Epic Games as an administrator; this action tells Windows that the program is trusted and should not be blocked by the Windows Firewall.

  1. To do so, simply click the Start Menu and search Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Right-click the Epic Games Launcher and select Run as administrator.
  3. Once it is opened, try installing the game displaying the error message.

4. Use Google DNS

Since this error may also be related to the network connection, we can try using Google DNS. It’s possible that your current DNS server is not working properly; hence, Epic Games continues to fail when downloading content from the server.

DNS, or Domain Name System, is used to translate human-readable names into IP addresses before connecting applications to servers. If the DNS server is down, you may experience connectivity issues with Epic Games, which could lead to this error. Therefore, trying the Google DNS server might be a good idea, as it is faster, more secure, and more reliable.

To use Google DNS, follow the steps:

  1. Click the Start Menu and type Settings.
  2. Then, hit Enter to open the settings.
  3. Now go to Network and Internet, then open Advanced network settings.
  4. Click More network adapter options.
  5. Right-click the network adapter you are using and select Properties.
  6. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.
  7. Now select Use the following DNS server addresses and put the following Google DNS addresses.
    Preferred DNS server:
    Alternative DNS server:

  8. Once done, click OK and click Close.
  9. Open the Epic Games Launcher and check if the error is fixed.

5. Reset network settings

If your network connection is stable, you might have incorrect network settings, causing your internet connection to become unstable, which could prevent Epic Games from downloading the game files from the server. Therefore, try resetting the network settings, which will reinstall the network adapters and reset the network settings to default, such as Proxy and DNS settings.

Follow the instructions to reset the network settings.

  1. Click the Start Menu and type Network Reset.
  2. Open the network reset settings, and click Reset now.
  3. After clicking the Reset now, your computer will restart with the default network settings.

6. Reinstall the Epic Games

Lastly, you can try reinstalling the Epic Games Launcher. We have attempted every solution that could fix this error; unfortunately, nothing has worked for you. Therefore, reinstalling Epic Games is the final option that you can pursue from your side.

Before reinstalling the Epic Games Launcher, you need to back up the games, as your games will also be uninstalled if you are using a default directory. First, back up the games, then reinstall the Epic Games Launcher. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the File Explorer and navigate to the following directory.
    C:\Program Files\Epic Games
  2. Make a backup of games and copy them to another directory.
  3. Once done, press the Win + R keys together to open Run Program.
  4. Here type appwiz.CPL, which is a command to open control panel programs and features.
  5. Right-click the Epic Games Launcher and click Uninstall. This will prompt you to an Epic Games uninstallation Window. Simply click Uninstall.
  6. Once done, download the Epic Games installer through the link.
  7. Then, run the installer and follow the simple instructions to install the Epic Games.
  8. Once done, launch the Epic Games, go to Library, and check if you are getting the same error or not.
  9. If you want your games back on Epic Games, then go to Library, click on the game, and click Install. Leave the default installation directory selected.
  10. Once the installation has started, Cancel it and open the directory where you backed up the games.
  11. Then, copy all the game folders and paste them into the default Epic Games installation directory.
  12. Now go back to the Epic Games Launcher, and resume the installation of the games.
  13. Wait for the game files to be verified. Then, you will be able to launch the games.

For more, Visit the official article of Epic Games on How to move an installed game.

Epic Games Install Failed Error Code II-E1003- FAQs

What is error code 2 e1003 on the Epic Store?

Error Code 2 e1003 indicates that Epic Games cannot download game files from the server. This mainly occurs when the Epic Games cache files become corrupted.

How do I fix error code 2 E1003?

Since this error occurs due to corrupted Epic Games cache files, clearing them could be a solution for fixing this error.


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