The Ultimate Breakdown of Dr. Stone Season 3

The Mind-Boggling Tale of 10 Billion Percent Boy is Back on Screens Again!

The Kingdom of Science is finally returning to our screens and we can’t wait to see Senku and his quest across the Pacific. But this time it is the sequel to Dr. Stone: Season 3 New World where Senku and his companions start their journey to uncover the source of Petrification.

To kick off this action-packed comeback, we are here to provide the ultimate breakdown of Dr. Stone: New World. We will discuss the first chapter and disclose some exciting details of the upcoming sequel, Dr. Stone: New World Cour 2.

But WAIT! Before we gear up for the adventure, read our take on the criminally underrated Alice and Therese’s Illusion Factory. Now let’s dive into the innovative world of Dr. Stone!

Dr. Stone Season 3: Chapter 1, New World

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The first chapter of Dr. Stone’s New World centers around Senku and his companions teaming up with Ryuusui Nanami. This alliance soon sets its sights on the other side of the world to uncover the mystery behind the Petrification.

To ensure everyone’s safety and location, the Senku and his companions reinvent GPS. The season is filled with light-hearted moments as we see how the crew revives their new chef Francois and savors delicious food.

Within these cozy heartwarming moments, we get to experience the most shocking plot twist of the entire Dr. Stone anime. As soon as the crew reinvents GPS, they receive a mysterious and scary message from someone.

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The message is divided into three simple but ominous words WHY?! This leaves us with a burning curiosity to know about what lies on the other side of the world. what type of enemy they will encounter and whether Senku and his companions will be able to overcome these new threats?

The Ishigami Village twist was also something unique where Senku realizes the importance of agriculture and the dire consequences of starvation. One of the key things to notice in this chapter was how subtly the creators highlighted the importance of resources to the general audience.

Season 3: New World, Chapter 2

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The second chapter will be continuing and concluding the Treasure Island Arc. In the manga chapters 116 to 138, Senku and Team Science set their sail towards the other side of the world to the Kingdom of Petrification. Upon their arrival, they learn that the source of petrification is none other than Medusa Devices.

This device can turn the world to its former and more lively state. This adventure leads them to a new-age scientist Xeno Houston Wingfield. Both Senku and Xeno become rivals and the rest of the members go through trials and difficulties locating Medusa. Also, the story will disclose the identity of Why-man as the main villain in Dr. Stone’s universe.

Expected Details in New World: Cour 2

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However, we don’t have concrete details as to what be featured in the upcoming episodes. So for this, we can expect the show to adapt the remaining manga chapters from the Treasure Island arc. This arc is divided into 8 main parts and all of these parts lead Senku and team Science to uncover the true culprit behind the great petrification.

To make things easy for our readers we have briefly explained the expected 3 sections down below for you to catch up with the story anytime.

Magma’s Deception

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The expected season will showcase a dirty betrayal by none other than Magma and his people. The group will likely attack the Perseus ship which will result in a lot of chaos for both the Kingdom of Science and the Kingdom of Petrification.

One crucial detail in this part will be Senku depetrifying Hyoga, making himself and his team members and the rest of humanity vulnerable to none other than the (Arabic Dude) Ibara and Moz. On the other hand, Kirisame will hand over the Medusa device to Ibara, only to get petrified by him later.

Ibara vs. Senku

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The recently released key visuals from Season 3 Part 2 showcased Senku and Ibara. This will be one of the most important stages in the anime as it will explain the dynamics between power and the Medusa device in the Dr. Stone Universe.

We will be seeing Ibara’s hunger for power and control over humanity and how Senku will be able to take him down through innovation and knowledge. The Creators have highlighted a very subtle detail here how Dr. Stone crushes the myths of superstition and false belief with science and reasoning.

Why Man’s Matrix

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The last and most awaited segment in the current season will be Senku’s efforts against Ibara to revive humanity. Senku will employ the revival fluid to help his team members and other members of the Kingdom of Petrification.

He will be able to explain how Ibara’s deception turned humanity into stones and this will lead to both the kingdoms celebrating their revival and the victory of humanity. But the struggle will not stop here it will lead to a more shocking twist when we will be able to see the final antagonist “Why-man” mimicking Senku’s voice, to petrify the entire world with a frequency of 12,800,000 meters, 1 second.

Our Verdict

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If you are a regular visitor to our website, you must be familiar with our takes on popular anime. In Dr. Stone, the mind-boggling plot twist of “Why Man” and his role in petrifying humanity was insane. It is beautifully written and exceptionally executed by the studio.

However, a huge bummer for us is the slow-paced airing but we give season 3 a solid 8 out of 10 for its twists and character development.

Expert Anime Recommendations for Dr. Stone Fans

Dr. Stone | EscapeAuthority

Dr. Stone is indeed a fantastic show with a rich story and logical plot. Because of this very reason, many fans love this Shonen underdog. But if you are wondering what to watch next, we are here to help you with a curated list of our top 5 recommendations to give you that Sci-fi punch you crave!

1. Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate | Crunchyroll

You know when it comes to sci-fi and thrill, no list goes without the OG Steins; Gate. The show marvelously blends sci-fi and time travel to craft one of the most captivating stories. The story centers around Rintarou Okabe, who is known as the mad scientist and comes across a mysterious device.

This device can send messages to the past. This device leads them to a web of complexities for disturbing past events. If you are interested in themes like the butterfly effect and time travel then this will keep you on the edge of your seats the whole time.

2. Food Wars: Shokugeki no Sōma

Food Wars | Crunchyroll

Does the name Food Wars ring a bell? It’s that controversial yet amazing anime that will leave you wanting for more! The story is about Yukihira Soma, a young guy with extraordinary cooking skills who aspires to surpass his father in culinary skills. For this, he joins the infamous Totsuki Culinary Academy.

His amazing and bizarre journey starts from there when he competes with others in the academy. You will get the best humor, mouth-watering food animation, and a fantastic storyline. BUT WAIT! We warn you, “Never watch this show in front of your parents and friends“. This show might leave you in unwanted and awkward situations!

3. Cells At Work

Cells At Work | Crunchyroll

Let us put this straight, Cells at Work is a simple but interesting anime. It has a unique concept where we as the audience get to see the personification of cells and how they work for our internal body system. You will find so many interesting characters performing regular body-related functions and among them, we witness the story of a Red Blood Cell AE3803 and White Blood Cell U-1146.

Both of these cells work together to perform their specific duties to keep the person assigned to them healthy. To sum up this one for you, where Dr. Stone is all about inventions and reasoning, this one is all about biology and how your body functions.

4. Masayuki Ishikawa’s Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture

Masayuki Ishikawa’s Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture | Crunchyroll

It must be obvious from its name, as Tales of Agriculture is all about Agricultural Sciences. It is a light-hearted comedic anime series with a dash of supernatural. The protagonist Tadayasu Sawaki, can see and communicate with microorganisms. Because of this not-so-normal ability, he gets to work within the agricultural department of his university.

In this department, he started to learn about microbiology and fermentation. While watching this one, you will surely get to know a lot about agricultural sciences and the importance of microbiology.

5. Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It

Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It | Crunchyroll

Imagine Kaguya Sama: Love is War filled with scientific reasoning and logic. Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It is a simple anime where two brilliant scientists are gifted with extraordinary abilities of knowledge and reasoning.

They both have feelings for each other but they want to confess them through proving them by scientific procedures. This anime has humor, experiments, and rational reasoning where the characters gradually confess their feelings solving their complexities regarding their emotions and academia.

We hope you loved our breakdown of season 3, make sure to visit our Entertainment section to read popular and amazing anime blogs and news!


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