Guide: Download Music from YouTube on Mobile & PC [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • YouTube has strict guidelines on downloading content, emphasizing respect for copyright and artist rights, highlighting the need for using legal methods like YouTube Music Premium.
  • Use YouTube Music Premium or other legitimate services for downloading music, prioritizing copyright adherence and artist support.
  • Choose reliable and safe methods for downloading music, considering the quality of the download and the security of the device being used.

Have you ever encountered a great song or background tune on YouTube and wished you could just download it on your device? Many have been there, but downloading directly from YouTube isn’t straightforward.

However, getting your favorite YouTube music onto your device in MP3 format is still possible. The key is using a trustworthy app designed for downloading YouTube music.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through YouTube’s rules for downloading music, how to use YouTube Music Premium for downloads, methods for saving music on your computer, other software choices, online converters for YouTube to music, and how to download tunes on your mobile device. This information will help you enjoy your favorite YouTube tracks anytime, anywhere.

YouTube’s music downloading policies

YouTubes music downloading policies

Before we learn how to download music from YouTube, it’s important to know about YouTube’s rules for music downloading. YouTube has a lot of music videos, but you can’t download all of them. The site follows strict rules about copyright and being fair to the artists and creators.

YouTube’s rules say that you shouldn’t download any music or sound unless YouTube itself says it’s okay or if you have permission from YouTube or the owner of the music. Following these guidelines is important to respect the artists and their work.

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Download music from YouTube with YouTube Premium

YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription on YouTube that lets you watch videos without any ads. If you have YouTube Premium, you can also download music with YouTube Music to listen to when you’re not online.

This is the best and official way to download music from YouTube without breaking their policies. As you pay for the subscription to download and listen to music, you do justice to both the platform and the artist. To download your favorite songs and tunes with YouTube Music, just follow these steps:

  1. First, open the YouTube Music app on your device. Make sure you’re signed up for the Premium plan. Then, find the song or music you want to download.
    Find and play your favorite music
    Find and play your favorite music
  2. Next, click on the three dots next to the song and choose the “Download” option.
    Tap on Download
    Tap on Download

The music will download immediately; you can listen to it even when you’re not connected to the internet. Remember, the music will only be available within the YouTube Music app.

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Download music from YouTube on mobile

Download music from YouTube on mobile

Google and Apple don’t let apps that download YouTube audio onto your phone be in their stores. Some tools can do this but using them often means changing your phone’s settings.

This can include jailbreaking your iPhone or allowing Android apps to be installed from places that aren’t the official store. Doing these things can be risky for your phone’s stability and security.

↪ Download Music from YouTube on Android

You can use a few methods to download music from YouTube on your Android device despite the restrictions on official app stores.

NOTE: This is not the most recommended method as you might need to download their APK files to install these apps on your phone from sources that might harm your mobile. So, being careful is always suggested.


VidMate is an app for Android phones that lets you download HD videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. You can get the VidMate APK for Android online. It’s simple to download YouTube videos and turn them into MP3 files with VidMate.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Find the video in the VidMate app or copy the link from YouTube and paste it into VidMate’s search bar, then tap “Go.
    Tap on Go after adding the URL
    Tap on Go after adding the URL
  2. Select the “Download” button.
    Tap on Download Button
    Tap on Download Button
  3. You’ll have the option to save the video as music or in different video qualities. Choose what you want and tap “Download” again.
    Tap on Download again
    Tap on Download again

With VidMate, you can decide whether to download the whole video or just the MP3 audio from it. Downloaded music will be saved on your phone; you can listen to it anytime.

↪ Other option for Android devices

Aside from VidMate, other effective ways to download music from YouTube on Android devices exist. Here’s one of them that is trusted and recommended by several users:


SnapTube Android app

SnapTube is a fast and easy-to-use app for Android that lets you download MP3s from YouTube. It organizes videos into categories like most viewed, daily recommendations, and popular, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Just type the video name in the search bar to find it.

It’s simple and convenient to use. You can download videos to watch them later without the internet. SnapTube offers different search options and lets you choose the download quality, which helps save space on your Android device.

↪ Download music from YouTube on iPhone

Download music from YouTube on iPhone

Downloading music from YouTube on an iPhone isn’t as easy as on Android. The rules of the iOS platform and the App Store make it hard to find apps that can download music from YouTube directly to your iPhone. It might not even be possible to install an app with IPA files as your mobile will block most of them.

The best and most reliable way to download music from YouTube on an iPhone is to subscribe to YouTube Music Premium. This service lets you legally download and listen to a huge selection of songs offline without any trouble.

If you’re looking for other ways, some websites can be used on the Safari browser or any other web browser on the iPhone. These sites help you turn YouTube videos into audio files you can download.

However, this method has some downsides, like uncertain audio quality, potential security risks from unsafe websites, and the hassle of dealing with ads and pop-ups.

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Download music from YouTube on desktop

Downloading music from YouTube on your computer can be tricky. Many websites that claim to convert YouTube videos to MP3 are often unreliable or filled with risky ads and harmful links. For a safer and more convenient option, you can use the free desktop program “4K YouTube to MP3.”

This program is easy to use and works on both MacOS and Windows computers. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the 4K Download website, look for “Get 4K YouTube to MP3,” and download it for your operating system (Windows, macOS, or Ubuntu).
    Go to the 4K Download website look for Get 4K YouTube to MP3
    Go to the 4K Download website look for Get 4K YouTube to MP3
  2. After downloading, open the installer and follow the instructions. Remember to allow the program to open after installation.
    After downloading open the installer and follow the instructions
    Open the installer and follow the instructions
  3. To download a song, find a YouTube video that’s free to use. Copy its URL from your browser or use the Share button under the video on YouTube.
    Copy the URL of the music video
    Copy the URL of the music video
  4. Open the “4K YouTube to MP3” program and click “Paste Link.”
    Click Paste Link
    Click Paste Link
  5. This will start converting the video to MP3 and downloading it.
    This will start the process
    This will start the process
  6. Once the download is done, you can play the MP3 in the program or find the file on your computer by clicking “Show in folder.
    You can play the MP3 in the program or find the file on your computer by clicking Show in folder
    Click Show in folder
  7. You can change the audio quality and format in the Preferences area. Choose between different qualities and formats like MP3, MP4, or OGG, and select where to save your downloads.
    You can change the audio quality and format in the Preferences area
    You can change the audio quality and format in the Preferences area

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↪ Other software options

If you’re looking for other programs like 4K YouTube to MP3 to download music from YouTube videos, you can try two more options. These software choices offer similar features for getting your favorite YouTube music onto your computer.

1. Cisdem Video Converter

Cisdem Video Converter Homepage

Cisdem Video Converter is a great tool for both Windows and Mac users who want to download music from YouTube. It can download videos and audio from over 1000 different websites, including YouTube, giving you access to a lot of content.

This software is great at quickly changing these downloads into different audio formats like MP3, M4A, and FLAC without losing quality. Its easy-to-use interface makes Cisdem Video Converter a top choice for anyone looking for a simple and effective way to download and convert YouTube music to enjoy offline.

2. Macsome YouTube Music Downloader

Macsome YouTube Music Downloader Homepage

Macsome YouTube Music Downloader is a desktop program great for downloading and converting YouTube Music into popular audio formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, AIFF, and ALAC. The best part is that you don’t need a premium subscription to use it. It keeps important ID3 tags and lyrics, giving you a full offline listening experience.

This software stands out with its fast conversion speeds and a built-in music player. Macsome provides a complete solution for those who want to enjoy YouTube music offline on different devices. It’s a handy and user-friendly tool for music lovers.

Download music from YouTube with online music converter

Online YouTube to music converter

Online YouTube converters are a quick way to turn video music into MP3 files. Most converters easily convert YouTube videos to MP3, but some let you save the music in different file types.

If you want high-quality audio, you can try these websites:

For lower-quality audio, these sites might help:

There are many YouTube to MP3 websites, but not all are safe. It’s important to use antivirus protection when downloading from these sites.

Pick a converter from the list to try. Remember, online downloaders may not always be legal, so they could be shut down at any time. Also, using an ad blocker can be helpful since many of these sites have many ads. Some ads might be harmful, so it’s safer to block them.

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Final Thoughts

Downloading music from YouTube offers different options. While Android users have access to apps like VidMate and SnapTube for easy downloads, iPhone users can rely on YouTube Music Premium for a seamless experience. These tools provide a straightforward solution to enjoying your favorite YouTube tracks offline.

While on desktop, apps like 4k YouTube to MP3 and online converters are available for those who want to download music from YouTube. Remember, while exploring these options, always prioritize safety and legality. This guide aims to make your journey to download music from YouTube enjoyable and hassle-free, ensuring you have your favorite tunes handy, no matter where you are.


Are YouTube music downloaders safe to use on my device?

While some YouTube music downloaders are safe, others may come with risks like ads or malware. It’s best to use well-known downloaders with a good reputation to ensure safety. Keeping your antivirus program updated can provide extra security.

Is it legal to download music from YouTube using third-party websites?

The legality of downloading music from YouTube using third-party websites is a complex issue. Generally, downloading content from YouTube without permission violates YouTube’s terms of service. It’s important to respect copyright laws and only download music in the public domain or for which you have explicit permission from the copyright holder.

Why can’t I find an app on the App Store to download music from YouTube?

Apple’s App Store policies are strict regarding apps that enable downloading content from YouTube, as this often violates YouTube’s terms of service. As a result, you will not find apps on the App Store that allow you to download music directly from YouTube.

Can I transfer downloaded music from YouTube Music Premium to other devices?

The music downloaded via YouTube Music Premium is designed to be played within the YouTube Music app and is typically protected by digital rights management. It cannot be transferred directly to other devices or played using different software.


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