The 10 Best Discord Server Rules Templates for 2024

Did you recently set up a Discord server? Having trouble establishing proper guidelines and regulations? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out! With these templates, you can set up concise ground rules and can cover all aspects of a Discord server: bots, usernames, general rules, chat, voice chat, etc. super easily.

Rules are of paramount importance in any community

How to Make a Set of Rules on Discord?

Since Discord has removed the Rules Screening feature, you’ll now need to lay out the rules manually or get a bot to do it. At any rate, here’s how to create a read-only text channel where everyone can view the rules easily:

  1. First off, launch Discord. After it has finished loading up, select the server you own from the sidebar.
    Select the server you own from here
  2. On the server, click on the drop-down present near the server name.
    Click on the server name or the drop-down arrow
  3. Select Create Channel from the list of options.
    Select Create Channel
  4. Now, choose Text from the Channel Type. Set the name of the channel as “rules”. Click on Create Channel.
    Click on Create Channel
  5. Once the channel has been created, select it to access it.
    Select the recently created text channel
  6. Then, click on Edit Channel to modify the text channel’s settings.
    Click on Edit Channel
  7. Next, select Permissions to modify who can access the channel.
    Select Permissions
  8. Set up the the permissions as shown in the images below:
  9. Finally, click on Save Changes.
    Click on Save Changes


After you’re done setting up the text channel for the rules, here are templates of rules you can post there to establish proper guidelines for your server:

1. General Rules

  1. Communicate only in English. This is for the sake of transparency and easier moderation.
  2. Read and comply with Discord’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  3. Avoid controversial and political discussions.
  4. Any kind of harassment or threats will not be tolerated.
  5. No doxing (revealing any personal details) of any kind.
  6. No hate speech, racism, sexism, profanity or any kind of offensive behavior.
  7. No NSFW content. This server has a variety of users of different age groups.
  8. No raiding other servers.
  9. Failure to comply with the rules will result in a series of actions taken against you by the owner or the moderators.
  10. Contact the moderators and other staff for further information.

2. Text Channel Rules

  1. No @mentioning anyone excessively, especially moderators, unnecessarily.
  2. No spamming messages, pictures, videos or uploads of any kind.
  3. Keep the conversation polite and friendly.
  4. Use the relevant channels when discussing or uploading something.
  5. No UPPERCASE messages.
  6. No piracy or any kind of illegal content.
  7. No hyperlinks or any other links.
  8. No large paragraphs.
  9. No threads.
  10. No misleading information.
  11. No copypasta.
  12. No advertisements, promotions, or any scam messages.

3. Voice Chat Rules

  1. No screaming or any loud noises on the channel.
  2. No explicit sounds or any other disturbing sounds.
  3. Try to minimize your background noise.
  4. For an optimal experience, try using push-to-talk.
  5. No voice-changers.
  6. Do not play any spam audio through your microphone.
  7. Do not use a soundboard.
  8. The mods will kick you if you have bad audio quality.

4. Profile Rules

  1. No blank usernames.
  2. No inappropriate or offensive usernames.
  3. No offensive or NSFW profile/cover photos.
  4. Do not try to impersonate anyone on the server, especially moderators.
  5. Moderators can change the username if they deem it to be in violation of any rule, or if they find it troublesome.

5. Screen Share Rules

  1. No streaming copyrighted, pirated or illegal content.
  2. No NSFW content or any offensive content in streams.
  3. No soundboards in the stream.
  4. Any kind of hateful, toxic, sexist, racist or unethical content will not be tolerated.

6. Bot-specific Rules

  1. No inviting third-party bots.
  2. Do not use the bot to play any kind kind of NSFW or offensive content.
  3. Do not skip without the permission of the one who queued the bot.
  4. Use the bot responsibly.
  5. Do not spam commands.
  6. Do not add, delete or modify bot commands.
  7. Do not queue more than one bot in a voice channel.
  8. Do not queue content that more than 10 minutes long.
  9. Do not repeat whatever the bot is playing over and over again.

7. Ban Rules

  1. Do not harass the moderators/owner in Direct Messages (DMs) about reversing your ban.
  2. Do not harass the moderators/owner in DMs if you’ve been kicked from the server.
  3. Do not create alternate/spam accounts to get around the ban/kick.

8. Privacy Rules

  1. Do not ask for personal information on the server.
  2. Do not reveal any personal details in the server, or in any other server.
  3. Do not engage in identity theft.

9. Moderator Rules

  1. If you want to report any actions performed by a moderator that may have violated the aforementioned rules, please contact the owner in the relevant channel.
  2. If you feel that a moderator is abusing their authority, contact the owner in the relevant channel.
  3. Please provide authentic evidence and proof to support these claims.
  4. False accusations will not be tolerated and result in an immediate ban.
  5. If the investigation is inconclusive, please refrain from defaming the owner, moderator, and server.

10. The Fun Part

  1. Have a discussion about your favorite games and anime!
  2. No spoilers — that just ruins the fun for everyone.
  3. Form a proper 5-man team for COD/CSGO/Fortnite/Valorant/Siege!
  4. Invite new people to your Minecraft server!
  5. Make lots of new friends!

How to Enforce These Rules

While a server owner usually appoints moderators to ensure that the rules are being followed, the moderators are not always there to regulate the server. Therefore, Discord has introduced the AutoMod feature, which helps facilitate moderation in a server.

Using AutoMod is pretty simple as it’s completely automated and just needs to be set up. AutoMod can detect any content that you’ve set a flag on, unusual messages being sent or any other harmful stuff that you’ve specified. You can also allow it to put users who’re violating the rules, in a timeout.

To setup AutoMod, follow the steps below:

  1. As you’ve done previously, select the server you own from the sidebar.
    Select the server you own from here
  2. On the server, click on the drop-down present near the server name.
    Click on the server name or the drop-down arrow
  3. Select Server Settings from the drop-down.
    Select Server Settings from the drop-down
  4. Once you’re in Server Settings, scroll down to the Moderation section. Select AutoMod from here.
    Select AutoMod
  5. From here you can configure some moderation settings. As an example we’ll be showing how to set up the Block @mention Spam setting. Click on Set Up.
    Click on Set Up
  6. Upon clicking, several options will be shown. Configure them to your liking. We’ve set it up in the following way.
    These settings are optimal
  7. Click on Save Changes on the bottom. As soon as you hit the save button, the effects will automatically take place. Similarly, set up all the other settings according to your specifications.
    Click on Save Changes at the bottom


While Discord servers are rarely formal in nature, it’s important to establish some ground rules so that total anarchy doesn’t prevail. Of course, not all rules are followed and most admins and moderators are pretty lax, but one can never be too careful. Anyhow, with these comprehensive rule templates you can be sure that everyone won’t pull a fast one up on you; AutoMod will AutoMod will automatically enforce these rules.

Discord Server Rules - FAQs

Why is it important to have rules on a Discord server?

Having a set of rules helps maintain a respectful and enjoyable environment for all members. It also makes it easier for moderators to manage the server and take appropriate actions when needed.

How can I enforce the rules on my Discord server?

You can use Discord’s AutoMod feature to automatically enforce certain rules. Additionally, appointing active and responsible moderators can help in manual enforcement.

What should I do if someone breaks the rules?

The action taken can vary depending on the severity of the rule-breaking. Options include issuing a warning, muting the member, or even banning them from the server.

Can I customize these rule templates for my own server?

Absolutely, the templates are meant to be a starting point. Feel free to add, remove, or modify rules to better suit the specific needs and culture of your server.

What if a moderator is not following the rules?

If a moderator is found to be in violation of the rules, it’s important to address the issue directly with them. If the behavior continues, consider revoking their moderator privileges.


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