How to Disable Updates on Windows 10

Unlike in previous Windows versions, Windows 10 does not give us that much leeway when it comes to downloading and installing updates. While acquiring and installing all updates released is a good thing for your security; some of them may backfire incredibly (and in the process mess up your display via a buggy graphics driver, etc). In previous Windows installations, we could let Windows only notify us what and when updates are available. From there we could choose the most important updates and get them installed while leaving out other dodgy updates. Disabling updates in Windows 10 is not a pretty exercise but once in a while we are inclined to do so.

Using Windows Update Diagnostics

A troubleshooter package is available here. This is a small windows diagnostic app for Windows installations. It is available for download free of charge. On the download page, scroll downwards a bit until you see the link “Download the ‘show or hide updates’ troubleshooter package now”.

NOTE: This file has already been scanned for viruses by Microsoft. You do not need to worry about possible malware contained in it because all that has already been done for you. Furthermore, no unauthorized alterations can be made on the file as it resides and comes from the Microsoft servers.

Click the download link. A prompt will appear asking you whether you want to open or save it (the filename will read wushowhide.diagcab). Save it to your system.

Click on the file and run it. It will prompt you to choose one of these two options:  “Hide Updates” and “Show Hidden Updates”. The stuff that you do not want to install but are still pending will be placed under hide updates. Everything else that is needed will be under show hidden updates.

Under hide updates, check the box next to the driver(s) or the update that you want to disable. Once the update is hidden, it will be disabled. If the update had already been downloaded and installed, then go to “View Installed Updates” and uninstall it. Once it is uninstall, it will show up in the diagnostics utility. To do this, Hold the Windows Key and Press X. Choose Control Panel -> Uninstall a Program and then from the left pane, choose View Installed Updates. The uninstalled update will now appear under the hide updates section in the diagnostics utility. Check the box next to it to hide it. If need be, restart your computer.

You have now disabled the selected update in Windows 10.

uninstall updates on windows 10


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