How to Delete Clips on Twitch?

Twitch provides a feature where users can create their own or someone’s else streaming clips. It is the best way to capture the best moments that happen during the stream. These clips will be saved in your account. However, sometimes the clips are outdated or you just want to delete the wrong clips from your list. In this article, we will show you the method through which you can easily remove any of the clips on Twitch.

How to Delete Clips on Twitch?
Delete Clips on Twitch

Deleting Clips on Twitch

There are two types of clips that are saved in your Creator Dashboard. One of the clips is that you created and others are of users who created the clips from your Streaming. Both of the options to view clips of any type are available on the same page. It is pretty simple to delete any clip from Twitch. Just follow the below steps to delete clips on Twitch:

Note: The deleted clips will be permanently removed from your Twitch account and you won’t be able to recover them.

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the Twitch official website. Log in to your account if you are not already logged in.
  2. Click on your Profile icon at the top right corner and then choose the Creator Dashboard option in the list.
    Opening Creator Dashboard
  3. Now on the right side, click on the Content option to expand it. Choose the Clips option under the Content option.
    Opening Clips List
  4. You will find Clips of your Channel and Clips you have created on Twitch. This option can be selected at the top and the clips of that specific option will show up.
  5. Select any of the clips that you want to remove and click on the Delete Selected option.
    Note: You can also select multiple clips and remove them altogether.

    Deleting selected clips
  6. Click on the Delete button again to confirm the deletion of the clip.
    Confirming the Delete option
  7. All the selected clips will be permanently removed from your Twitch account and you won’t be able to recover them.

Deleting Twitch Clips on Phone

You can also remove Twitch clips from your Phone device. You can either use the Twitch app to navigate to the PC version of Twitch or use a browser. The rest of the steps are similar to the above method. Check the below steps to start with it:

  1. Open your Twitch application on your phone. If you don’t have the application, then you can simply download it from Google Play Store.
  2. Tap on the Channel Icon at the top left corner. Now choose the Account Settings option.
  3. From the Settings menu, choose the Community Guidelines option.
    Opening Community Guidelines page on Twitch App
  4. Now tap on the person icon next to the menu icon at the top right corner. Finally, tap on the Browse button to start Twitch in a PC version.
    Note: You can also tap on the menu icon and choose the Browse option.

    Opening Browse option
  5. If you don’t have the following options as mentioned in the above steps, then just open Browser on your phone, then navigate to the Twitch website. Tap on the menu icon in your browser and choose the Desktop site option.
    Note: If you can’t find the profile icon, then make sure you are on twitch and not on the m.twitch site.
  6. Tap on the Profile Icon at the top right corner and choose the Creator Dashboard option.
  7. Select the Content option in the left pane to expand and then choose the Clips option. Now you will find all the clips that you have created on Twitch.
    Navigating to Clips page on Twitch on Phone browser
  8. Select any of the clips from the list and then tap on the Delete Selected option to remove it. You can also select multiple clips to remove all at once.
  9. The twitch will ask if you really want to remove the clips, you can tap on the Delete button again to confirm it. This will permanently remove clips from your Twitch channel.

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