Customise PuTTy: Change Background and Font Colors in PuTTy

PuTTy is a free to use open-source SSH and Telnet client that is used to connect to a remote server. Through PuTTy, you can connect and execute commands on a remote Linux/Unix server. However, some new users might be looking for the settings to change background and font colors in PuTTy. In this article, we will show you methods for changing the background and font colors in PuTTy.

How to change colors in PuTTy

Changing Background Color in PuTTy

Changing background color can help to provide a better look for eyes while working in the command line window. The settings for changing the background color in the PuTTy can be found in the configuration settings window. You can choose the pre-loaded colors or enter your own RGB value for the color. Follow the below steps to change the background color in PuTTy:

  1. Hold the Windows key and press S to open the search function. Type Putty and press Enter to open it.
    Note: If you are in the session, then right-click on the PuTTy command window and choose the Change Settings option.

    Opening PuTTy through Windows search feature
  2. Click on the Colors option under the Window section. Now select the Default Background in the list-menu and click the Modify button.
  3. Choose the color that you want for the background or you can also make a custom color by adjusting options on the right side. Click Ok button after choosing the color.
    Choosing the color for the background
  4. Now click the Apply button and check the background of the session window.
    Background color changed to red

Changing Font Color in PuTTy

Changing the color of the font will depend on the background color. If both background and font colors are not a good combination for each other then it will look pretty bad and unreadable. Some background like black can work with all the font colors except black. Therefore, you can find the best one for yourself. Follow the below steps to change the color of the font in PuTTy:

  1. Hold the Windows key and press S to open the search function. Search for Putty and press Enter to open it.
    Note: If you are in session mode, then right-click on the command window and choose Change Settings option to open the configuration window.

    Opening Configuration settings for the running session
  2. Go to the Colors settings under the Window list on the left side. Click on the Default Foreground option in the list-menu and press the Modify button.
    Opening the font color settings
  3. Choose the color you want or you can make any custom color by adjusting the colors on the right side. After choosing the color, click the Ok button and press the Apply button for settings.
    Choosing the color for fonts
  4. The font color will change in the command window as shown below:
    Changed font color to yellow

You can also adjust the colors for other options in the same way. More of the interface options can be found in the Appearance options, where users can increase the size of the font, the spaces between lines and so on.


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