CD Projekt Red Partners with Anonymous Content to Work on Live-Action Cyberpunk Project

From a straight-up failed launch to selling 3 million copies within a week of its DLC release (Phantom Liberty), Cyberpunk’s renaissance story is one to tell. The game is shaping up to be a massive success, more like what it was originally intended to be.

CD Projekt Red is now looking to cash in on this opportunity, expanding the Night City beyond just the game itself. The developers of Cyberpunk have now partnered up with media group Anonymous Content, (who’ve previously produced award-winning shows like True Detective and Mr. Robot) to work on a live-action project.

At this point, nothing about the nature of this project has been publicly revealed. We do not know whether it will be a movie or a TV show, but it is still in its early stages of development. The studio is also looking for a screenwriter to narrate the entire story for the project, which suggests that the idea has not yet begun to be implemented practically.

It been said that the project “will be developed in close collaboration with the Cyberpunk 2077 creative team,” but that’s not all for the franchise.

During the investor presentation today, CDPR’s SVP of business development, Michał Nowakowski, mentioned that the franchise is also closely working with Studio Trigger, the animation studio behind the critically acclaimed Cyberpunk TV show, Edgerunners. However, due to legal bounds, we may have to wait a bit more.

We have an appetite to do more in the transmedia [space], so in linear visual animation or live action, and those plans have not changed, so when we are ready you may expect to see more announcements in that regard coming from us”.

Michał Nowakowski

To be clear, CDPR has a lot on its plate. It is currently planning the sequel to CP2077, codenamed Project Orion, which is in its “[initial] conceptualization stage“, like the live-action project. This is all we know at this point, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as any new information on the project surfaces online.

via: CDPR


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