How Much Does It Cost to Make A Google Pixel Watch?

The Google Pixel Watch has been on the market for a few months now, but with its relatively high price tag, many consumers have been left wondering exactly how much it costs to make.

Thanks to a new report from global industry analysis firm Counterpoint, we now know that the LTE-capable version of the Pixel Watch costs Google $123 to make. In comparison, this version of the Pixel Watch was sold for $399 at launch which means there’s a difference of about $276 between its manufacturing and retail costs.

The report also provides us with an in-depth breakdown of the total bill of materials cost, part by part. Samsung is responsible for the majority of the cost, contributing an estimated 20% due to the Exynos 9110 processor along with the LTE transceiver and other paired components they supply.

Following Samsung in terms of cost contribution is BOE (14%), whose 1.2-inch OLED display provides the Pixel Watch with a resolution of 450×450 dots, up to 1,000 nits of brightness, and Gorilla Glass 5 protection.

The rest of the bill is made up of a variety of other suppliers, such as Dialog Semiconductor (7%), STMicroelectronics (4%), NXP Semiconductors (3%), and Broadcom (2%).

The Pixel Watch’s cost structure by function | Counterpoint Research

It’s worth noting that if you add up all of the percentages, they will be slightly more than 100%. This is due to rounding and doesn’t necessarily mean there are any hidden costs.

Now that we know the actual cost of manufacturing the Pixel Watch, it becomes apparent just how much money Google is making on each device. However, with its features and capabilities, many believe that the Pixel Watch is well worth the price tag.

Whatever your opinion on the Pixel Watch is, it’s clear that Google has done an impressive job of keeping the costs down while still releasing a high-quality product. Hopefully, this report will encourage other tech companies to continue following Google’s lead when it comes to providing transparency on their own manufacturing costs.


Farhan Ali

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