Remedy Confirms a Control Sequel

It has been reported that Remedy is developing a sequel to Control alongside the game’s original publisher, 505 Games.

While it has long been known that Remedy is working on many projects, it was rumored that one of them might be a Control sequel. We now know what the Project Heron rumors were all about. The initial concept art that was presented also raises curiosity about what the game will have to offer.

Control 2’s Concept Art | Remedy

Remedy is using its Northlight Engine for Control 2 and will release the sequel for PC by the company, while for consoles, it will be released by 505 Games. According to studio officials, the newly planned sequel is still in the early stages of production.

Mikael Kasurinen, the director of Control, posted a statement on Remedy’s website along with the concept art and the news. He said that with Control, the team wanted to take a risk and make something new, that was extraordinary, with a universe like no other. He also addressed the people and expressed gratitude to them for making the game a success for the company and assured them that the wait for the game will truly be worth it.

Well, I suppose we’ll just have to let the game figure that one out.

If you ask what’s in store for us in terms of Control’s legacy, well, when Control first appeared on the scene in 2019, everyone was thrilled. As a result of its success with both players and reviewers, it was nominated for numerous prizes. Many websites and reviewers unanimously hailed it as 2019’s “Game of the Year.”

As a result, Remedy will be under pressure, and they will have to bring their A-game to the table if they want this title to do well. But it’s still a long way from being released. Until then, we’ll have to wait, and if we hear anything new, we’ll keep you updated.

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