[FIX] ‘Content Package is No Longer Available’ in COD Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone’s developers have gotten a reputation for delivering awesome content with each seasonal patch. But as with every game of this size and scope, there are unforeseeable errors that hinder the experience for some players. Lately, we’re seeing a lot of user reports of the ‘Content package is no longer available‘ error occurring when players attempt to connect to COD: Warzone servers.

‘Content Package is no longer available’ error in Call of Duty Warzone

This problem is confirmed to occur on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

We’ve investigated this particular issue thoroughly and realized that there are several underlying scenarios that might be responsible for producing this error code. Here’s a list of causes that might ultimately cause the ‘Content package is no longer available’ error in Call of Duty Warzone:

  • COD Server problem – One common scenario that might cause a widespread issue of this error (which happened a few times in the past) is when the server infrastructure of Activision is affected. In this case, all you can do is identify the problem and wait for the developers to fix it.
  • Game version is outdated – If you have the game opened on PC or console while a new game update is pushed, you might get this error as the server cuts you off because there’s a version mismatch. In this case, forcing the game to update to the latest version should help you fix the problem/
  • Corrupted cached data – Another scenario that you should investigate (particularly on consoles) is a classic case where your console or PC game launcher has accumulated cache files that interfere with the launch of the game. In this case, you should be able to fix the problem by manually clearing the cache files accumulated by your console or PC launcher.
  • Game file corruption – Under more serious circumstances, the only viable solution that will allow you to overcome the ‘content package is no longer available’ error is to simply uninstall COD: Warzone before reinstalling it from scratch.

Now that we went over every potential scenario that might cause the ‘Content package is no longer available’ error, let’s go over every confirmed fix that other affected users have successfully used to get to the bottom of this issue:

1. Check for ongoing server issue

After looking into a lot of reports of this issue, it turns out that the ‘content package no longer available‘ error code is often associated with a widespread server issue that is affecting matchmaking on every platform the game is available on.

As far as we’ve been able to tell, this has happened a few times in the past, mostly after the developers have pushed a major feature update.

Before you write this off as a possibility, you should take a few minutes to confirm or rule it out. You can begin investigating by visiting the official Activision status page.

Checking for a server issue

From the next page, use the drop-down menu that just appeared and change it to Call of Duty Warzone.

After the correct game is selected, see if the status page is indicating any issues. If every aspect of the game currently has a green checkmark, then it’s probably not the case.

However, it’s also possible that the platform you’re using to play the game (Steam, Epic Games, or Battle.Net) or the console platform (Playstation Network or Xbox Live) is having issues. You can check if this is true by clicking on the platform icon (under Server Status by Network).

Check for a server issue

Note: If you did find some evidence of a server issue, you can also check directories like DownDetector or IsItDownRightNow to see if other users are seeing similar problems.

If you have investigated all possible server issues and found no evidence of a problem with servers, you can try one of the solutions below.

On the other hand, if you found proof that there is a server problem, the issue lies entirely out of your hands and you’ll have to wait for the developers of Call of Duty Warzone to fix it.

2. Update Warzone to the latest version

The ‘Content Package No Longer Available‘ error has been a thorn in the side of many COD players for some time now.

Activision has released a few hotfixes in an attempt to resolve the issue, but unfortunately, it has not been eradicated entirely. However, you can significantly lower the occurrence of this error code by making sure you’re launching the latest available game build (especially if you’re on a PC).

Most launchers are on auto-update, so you may not need to update your game version every time a new build is released (the process is automatic). But it’s still worth doing if the update was pushed while you’ve had your game open. 

On PC, if you’re getting ‘Content Package No Longer Available‘ error when launching via Battle.Net, check to see if there’s an update pending for your COD installation.

For consoles, you just need to close and restart the game to be prompted to install any pending updates – this goes for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5.

Install every pending COD update

Once all pending updates are installed for Call of Duty, restart the game and see if the ‘Content Package No Longer Available‘ error is still occurring. If the problem persists when trying to join a match inside Call of Duty Warzone, move down to the next method below. 

3. Clear the cached data

As Activision has confirmed, this problem might be caused by a cache issue once you confirmed that the servers are running within normal parameters.

Most likely, you installed Call of Duty Warzone first and now the temporary files generated by this game are preventing your system from recognizing the ownership of the paid version of Modern Warfare.

Note: This problem is affecting users’ ability to play any other multiplayer mode (other than Warzone) on both consoles and PC.

If you find yourself in this scenario, the fix consists in deleting the cache of the platform you’re using when playing Warzone.

Start following one of the guides below to effectively clear the cache of your console or launcher that you’re using to launch Call of Duty Warzone:

Clear the cached data on PS4

To clear the cache on your Playstation 4, follow the steps below:

Note: The PlayStation 4 doesn’t have an explicit way of clearing the cache. You’ll have to do it manually. 

  1. With your console turned on, press and hold the power button until you hear a beep.
    Power-cycling the PS4 console
  2. After you hear the sound and the light indicator on the console has stopped blinking, unplug the power cord from the back of your console and just wait.
  3. Wait at least 30 seconds to give the power capacitors enough time to drain themselves – this will clear the temporary data that is cached.
  4. Next, plug the power cord back in and start your console normally. See if you are able to launch Call of Duty Warzone without experiencing the same ‘Content Package No Longer Available‘ error.

Clear the cached data on PS5

The Playstation 5 also doesn’t have a specific menu that will allow you to clear the cache. You’ll have to do it the manual way – by unplugging the cord from the back of your Playstation 5.

Note: Keep in mind that this operation is different since the power capacitors on Playstation 5 are bigger and take more time to fully discharge.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. With your PlayStation 5 on the home screen, long-press the power button on your console (not your controller).
  2. Release the button when you hear a beep and wait until it powers down.
    Press the power button on Playstation 5
  3. After you release the button, go ahead and unplug the power cord from the back of your console.
  4. Wait for 2 or 3 minutes in order to give your power capacitors enough time to clear themselves.
    Note: This operation is crucial since it will erase the cache data from your console.
  5. Connect your Playstation 5 console hit the power button, and wait until it turns itself back on.
  6. Launch Call of Duty Warzone once again and see if you can access the multiplayer component.

Clear the cached data on Xbox One 

If you’re still on Xbox One and having trouble connecting to the COD Warzone servers, you can try clearing the cache.

This operation involves putting your console into ‘no-power mode’ and unplugging the power cord to clear the stored cached data.

Follow the instructions below to clear the cached data on Xbox One:

  1. The first step is to make sure your Xbox One console is turned on (not hibernating).
  2. Press and hold the power button (on your console). Keep it pressed until the LED on the front of your console turns off.
    Power cycling the Xbox One console
  3. Once the console is turned off, unplug the power cable from your Xbox console.
  4. Wait patiently for 30 secs or more to clear the capacitors and remove the cached data.
  5. Next, go ahead and plug the power brick back into your Xbox One console before you turn it back on.
  6. Finally, boot up Call of Duty Warzone and see if you are now able to connect to the servers without encountering the same ‘content package no longer available error.

Clear the cached data on Xbox Series X|S

If you’re looking to clear the cache on your brand new Xbox Series console, there’s no need to go through the hassle of unplugging the power cord anymore. Microsoft has made it easier than ever with a software method that will do the job just as well.

Here’s how you can clear the persistent cache storage on your Xbox Series X | S:

  1. To begin, press the Xbox symbol on your controller while on the home screen of your Xbox Series console.
  2. Then, from the guide menu that appears, scroll to the Profile & System tab.
  3. From there, select Settings and press the A button to access them.
    Accessing the Settings menu
  4. From the insides of the Settings menu, go to the Device & Connections tab and select Blu-Ray from the available options.
  5. Inside the Blu-Ray dedicated menu, go to Persistent Storage and use the Clear Persistent Storage button to clear your consoles cache.
    Clearing the persistent cache
  6. Once the cache has been successfully cleared on your Xbox console, reboot your console and see if the problem is fixed by attempting to connect to COD’s Warfare servers once again.

Clear the cached data on Steam

If you encounter this issue while launching the Warzone through Steam on PC, it may be because you recently purchased the full COD: Modern Warfare game after only owning COD: Warzone previously.

Note: In some cases, Steam will have difficulty recognizing that you actually have ownership of the game and try to make you pay for it again.

The fix for this is to verify the integrity of the game files.

To trigger an integrity check on Call of Duty Modern Warfare, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to Steam with the account you’re having problems with.
  2. Go to the Library from the top menu.
  3. Find Call of Duty Warzone in the left vertical menu, then right-click and select Properties from the context menu.
    Accessing the Properties screen
  4. In the Properties menu of Call of Duty Warzone, choose Local files from the left vertical menu, then click on Verify integrity of game cache button.
    Verify the integrity of the game files
  5. At the confirmation prompt, click Yes and wait until the scan is finished. 
  6. After verifying the integrity of game files, reboot your PC and see check if you’re still seeing the same ‘content package no longer available’ error. 

Clear the cached data on Battle.Net

In case you’re launching Warzone using the Battle.net launcher, you may run into an issue where a corrupted cache folder is preventing the game from running properly.

Luckily, this is a pretty common occurrence among PC players using these platforms and there is a simple fix.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Battle.net and all Blizzard programs MUST be closed before proceeding. Games and supporting software included.
  2. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter. If the simple interface appears, click More details.

    Accessing the expert interface of Task Manager
  3. The Processes tab should be located at the top of the page – click on it to select it.
  4. Inside the list of processes, see if the Battle.net agent or Battle.net Update agent are running. If any of them are currently running, right-click and choose End Task from the menu.
    Ending the Battle.Net task
  5. With all interfering processes now closed, press Windows key + R to open a Run dialog box.
  6. Next, type ‘%ProgramData%’ in the Run field and press Enter to open the hidden cache folder (ProgramData).
    Accessing the Hidden Program Data folder
  7. Locate and delete the two folders holding Batte.Net cached data (Blizzard Entertainment and Battle.Net) by right-clicking and choosing Delete.

    Deleting the two folders
  8. Once the two folders have been cleared, restart the Battle.net application, relaunch Warzone, and see if the error is now cleared.

4. Repair or reinstall the game

If you’ve tried all the fixes above and haven’t had any success, it’s possible that the problem is caused by some kind of system file corruption that’s preventing the game from loading certain game elements.

In this case, you should be able to fix the content package no longer available error by repairing or reinstalling the game.

Obviously, the instructions on getting this done will be different depending on the platform where you’re playing Call of Duty Warzone on. To make it easier for you, we’ve created different guides for each platform below so you can follow the instructions that apply to your installation.

Repair Warzone on PC (Battle.Net)

  1. To fix the error, make sure that Call of Duty Warzone is closed and no related processes are running in the background.
  2. Then, open up the Battle.Net application and click on the Games tab from the top menu.
  3. With the Games tab selected, click on the Call of Duty Warzone installation to select it.
  4. Next, move over to the right-hand section of the screen and click on Options > Scan & Repair.
    Scan and repair the game
  5. Once you see the confirmation prompt, click on Begin Scan and wait for the operation to complete.
  6. After the scan is finished, restart your computer and launch Call of Duty again to see if you’re still getting the same error code when trying to join a multiplayer game.

Reinstall Warzone on PS4

  1. From your Playstation 4’s main dashboard menu, access the Library menu from the list of available options.
    Accessing the Library menu
  2. Inside the Library menu, select Games (from the left-hand side of the screen), then locate Call of Duty Warzone on the right-hand menu and press the Options button on your controller.
  3. Next, use the Delete option from the context menu that appears and confirm when asked to.
    Deleting the installation of COD Warzone
  4. After the deletion is complete, restart your console before reinstalling Call of Duty Warzone and checking if the problem is now fixed.
  5. Once the game is reinstalled and every relevant update has been applied, attempt to join a multiplayer game and see if the ‘content package no longer available’ error is now fixed. 

Reinstall Warzone on PS5

  1. From the PS5 main dashboard, use your controller to select Call of Duty Warzone from the list and press Options (on your DualSense controller) to bring up the context menu.
  2. At the context menu that appears, select Delete and confirm at the final confirmation prompt.
  3. Once you get to the next menu, select every sub-component of Call of Duty Warzone before clicking OK and starting the uninstallation.
    Uninstall call of duty
  4. Once the operation is complete, return to the main UI dashboard and navigate to the right end of your list of items to access the Game Library menu.
    Accessing the My Game Library menu
  5. When the list of Library games is loaded, navigate to COD Warzone and select it by pressing X.
  6. Next, hit the Download button and wait for the operation to complete.
  7. After the game is downloaded and installed again, restart your system before opening it for the first time to see if the ‘Content Package No Longer Available‘ error is fixed.

Reinstall Warzone on Xbox consoles

  1. To access the My games & Apps menu on your Xbox One / Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X console, press the Xbox button on your controller.
    Accessing the My Games and App menu
  2. Once you’re inside the Game & Apps menu, navigate through the list of installed applications until you locate Call of Duty.
  3. When you find the correct listing, press the Start button and choose Manage game from the newly appeared context menu.
    Accessing the Manage game menu
  4. After you get to the next menu, select Uninstall all, then follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall both the base COD: Warzone + every add-on.
    Note: Data related to your character and online progress is safely backed up on Activision’s cloud and will not be touched by the reinstallation procedure.
  5. After the uninstallation operation is complete, reboot your console then reinstall Call of Duty from scratch using its store listing.
  6.  Launch the game once again and see if the problem is now fixed and check if you can connect to the game servers normally

If the problem is still not resolved, move down to the next potential fix below.


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