Call of Duty TV-Series Allegedly Under Development, Set to Release in May 2023

According to a recent leak, an Italian studio is developing a Call of Duty TV series based on the original game. “Capo del Mondo,” the leaker, revealed that the series will premiere in May of this year. While this information has yet to be confirmed by Activision, given the game’s recent success, it could be real.

Capo del Mondo is a well-known and active member of the Call of Duty community, according to Uagna. He has been involved in a few leaks previously, hence making him a reliable source of information.

Uagna had the opportunity to verify the leaks, and surprisingly not only the project, but the pictures that were shared are also genuine and a part of the allegedly upcoming tv-series.

Captain Price in Alleged Leak | Capo del Mondo

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a popular Infinity Ward PC game revived in 2019 after the historic trilogy for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, will supposedly serve as a major inspiration for the live-action series. The individuals and settings in the pictures below are reminiscent of modern warfare.

Shooting Has Not Been Completed Yet

Uagna claims that while filming for the series has not yet wrapped, the first few episodes have been shot. Some of the game’s official voice actors will appear in the series as well, though their identities remain unknown at this time.

Ghost, Soap, and Roach with an Injured Civilian | Capo del Mondo

The series is being produced independently by an Italian company, which is a great point to notice. The alleged directors have also worked with Amazon Prime Video on other projects in the past. It is, however, not confirmed if the series will release on the same platform.

The leaker also clarified that there is no official confirmation as of yet. However, the trailer for the series is already in the works and will be released sooner than expected. The pictures shared by the leaker, were accessed through a person working on the set, which seems understandable.

While these reports are promising, it is too early to make a prediction. The storyline of the Call of Duty series has always focused on video games, so knowing what’s next will be challenging. Is this TV-Series officially being made in partnership with Activision, is still an unanswered question.

The story is currently developing and we will make sure to inform you of any updates. Do let us know what you think about the leaks down below.

Source: YouTube


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