How to Resolve COD Error Code BLZBNTBGS000003F8 ‘Server Disconnected’?

The Error Code BLZBNTBGS000003F8 is an issue that many COD Modern Warfare and COD Call of Duty Black Ops 4 players are getting immediately after their game connection is interrupted. The problem seems only to affect the multiplayer component – Users are kicked out online matches, and the connection with Blizzard servers is lost whenever it occurs.

Error Code BLZBNTBGS000003F8

What’s causing the Error Code BLZBNTBGS000003F8?

  • Bad Killer Networking Driver – Even though these networking drivers are marketed towards games, there are several Killer models (particularly E2220) that are known to cause this behaviour if the latest driver is installed. If this scenario is applicable, you should be able to resolve the issue by rolling back the networking driver back to an older version.
  • ISP is unable to connect with Blizzard or servers – This scenario is quite common with Asian and Australias users. The Australian ISP Optus is notoriously known for having this problem. In this case, you can fix the problem by using a VPN to change the location that you’re accessing the servers from.
  • Incorrect DNS server – If you’re only encountering the issue while trying to play on ASIA servers, it’s probably because of an incorrect DNS server. In this case, you can fix the issue by changing the Preferred DNS Server and the Alternate DNS server via the Network Connection menu.
  • General – If this is the case you may check to ensure your router is powered on, and is connected to your ISP. Wait a few minutes, and make sure that your PC/Laptop is connected to the internet. You may sometimes have to restart the router if Windows 10 says, that the PC cannot connect to the network.

Method 1: Rolling back networking driver (if applicable)

Several Windows 10 users that were encountering this issue with Killer E2200 networking drivers have managed to fix this issue entirely after rolling back the driver using Device Manager. After they manage to revert to an older version of the networking driver, they were able to play COD Modern Warfare or COD Black Ops 4 without getting random BLZBNTBGS000003F8 disconnects.

Here’s a quick guide on rolling back on the networking driver:

  1. Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialogue box. Next, type “devmgmt.msc” and hit Enter to open up Device Manager. If you see the UAC (User Account Control) window, click Yes to open the utility with admin access.
    Running Device Manager
  2. Once you’re inside Device Manager, scroll down through the list of installed devices and expand the menu associated with Network adapters (by clicking on the drop-down arrow).
  3. Inside the Network adapters menu, locate your Killer E2200 driver, right-click on it and choose Properties from the newly appeared context menu.
    Accessing the Properties screen of the Networking driver
  4. Once you’re inside the Properties menu of your networking driver, select the Driver tab from the top of the window, next click on Roll Back Driver and click Yes to confirm the installation rollback.
    Rollback the Killer Networking driver
  5. Wait for the operation to complete and restart your computer if the system doesn’t do it automatically.
  6. At the next computer startup, see if the issue is now resolved.

If the same problem is still occurring with the same frequency, move down to the next potential fix below to resolve the BLZBNTBGS000003F8 error.

Method 2: Using a VPN

As it turns out, one of the most common instances that will end up triggering the BLZBNTBGS000003F8 error is a situation in which your PC is unable to get through to some servers on Blizzard or network. It has now been confirmed that some ISPs are having trouble routing to Blizzard and servers.

This issue is being consistently reported in Australia and certain Asian countries. In Australia, the vast majority of reports are with the Optus Australia ISP.

Fortunately, if this scenario is applicable, you can fix the issue quite easily by using a VPN – This will end up changing the routing to these problematic servers and allow the connection to be established.

Note: You don’t have to use a paid VPN if you don’t want to. It works just as well with free options (as you’re going to see below).

Here’s a quick guide on installing and using a free VPN to avoid the BLZBNTBGS000003F8 error code:

  1. Visit this link (here) and hit the Download Now button to initiate the download. Once you get to the next screen, hit the Register button associated with the free account, then download the free version of the VPN solution.
    Downloading the VPN solution
  2. At the next screen, enter your email address to complete the registration. It’s important to make sure that you’re using a valid email address because you will later be required to verify the registration from that email address.
    Registering for the service
  3. Once the registration is complete, navigate to your email inbox and look for the verification email that you received from Once you find it, click on Activate my account to get started.
  4. Once you manage to complete the verification, you will be taken to a screen where you’ll need to choose an appropriate user and password for your account. After you manage to do this, click on Create Account.
    Creating an account with
  5. After you’ve successfully signed into the account that you have just set up, make your way to Pricing > Free and click on the Apply Now button to activate the free plan that you’re entitled to.
    Apply for the free account
  6. Once the free plan is enabled, move over to the Download clients tab and click on the Download Now button that’s corresponding to your operating system version to initiate the download.
    Downloading the Windows client of
  7. Once the download is complete, double-click on the newly-downloaded executable, then follow the installation screen to complete the operation.
    Installing the Hide.Me VPN application
  8. After the installation is complete, all you need to do is sign in with the account that you previously created at step 4. Next, all you need to do is click on Start your free trial, and select a location that’s different from Asia or  Australia. That’s it.
  9. While the VPN is active, launch the COD game that you were encountering the BLZBNTBGS000003F8 error and see if the issue is now resolved.

If the same problem is still occurring, move down to the next method below.

Method 3: Changing the DNS server

Another popular fix for the BLZBNTBGS000003F8 error is to modify the default DNS server from the Network and Internet menu. This fix was confirmed to be successful on all recent Windows versions.

A lot of affected users that we’re encountering the issue when trying to play on ASIA servers have confirmed that the issue was resolved after they modified the Preferred DNS Server to and the Alternate DNS Server to

Here’s a quick guide on how to change the DNS server in order to fix the Call of Duty BLZBNTBGS000003F8 error via the Network Connection section:

  1. Open u a Run dialogue box by pressing Windows key + R. Next, type ‘control.exe’  inside the text box and press Enter to open up a Control Panel.
    Running Control Panel
  2. Once you’re inside the Classic Control Panel interface, click on Network and Internet, then click on Network and Sharing Center.
    Accessing the Network and Sharing Center via classic Control Panel
  3. Once you’re inside the Network and Sharing Center screen, click on the Change adapter settings hyperlink.
    Accessing the adapter menu
  4. Once you’re inside the Network Connections menu, right-click on the network that you are currently connected to and choose Properties from the newly appeared context menu.
    Opening the Properties screen of the active connection
  5. Once you’re inside the Properties screen, go to the Networking tab, then double-click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4).
    Accessing the Internet Protocol Version 4 settings
  6. Once you’re inside the Properties screen of Internet Protocol Version 4, enable the box associated with Use the following DNS server address toggle. next, set as the Preferred DNS Server and as the Alternate DNS Server.
    Changing the alternate DNS server
  7. Hit Ok to save the changes, then restart your computer to allow these new changes to be implemented.
  8. At the next computer startup, launch the game that was causing the BLZBNTBGS000003F8 error once again and see if the issue is now resolved.

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