Cherry MX Switches: Blue vs Brown

Mechanical keyboards are very popular among PC enthusiasts. In recent years, they also found their way into the mainstream market. Once you get the feel of a great mechanical switch, it’s difficult going back to membrane keyboards. They are enjoyable in nearly every scenario, whether it is gaming or just simply typing. However, there are a plethora of different key switches.

Cherry MX creates the most popular switches found in mechanical keyboards. They are somewhat of a gold standard by now. The reason for their popularity is simply the overall quality. Another factor is versatility. They have a lot of different options spread out across various keyboards.

However, deciding on a key switch isn’t as easy as you might think. Personal preference plays a big part in deciding the switch best for you. To make this decision easier for you, we’ll be comparing two of the more popular switches. Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Brown.

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Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX Blue switches are a bit divisive among people. Some will absolutely adore this switch and others might prefer something a bit lighter. Out of all of the key switches available, Cherry MX Blues are the loudest and clickiest ones available.

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They have a very heavy feel to them because of the actuation force. Blue switches have an actuation force 60g just to get over the tactile bump (varies from keyboard to keyboard). The total travel distance is of 4mm. They have plenty of resistance which provides an enjoyable typing experience. It’s hard to recommend these in a workplace environment because of the loudness.

Who is it for: The Cherry MX Blue switches are undoubtedly the best option for typing enthusiasts. Their unique slider construction allows a lot of feedback compared to other switches. Keep in mind these are definitely not linear switches. So for gaming, they are not the fastest to respond out there. That’s why you need to know that these are not the perfect fit for competitive gaming.

Cherry MX Brown:

Cherry MX Brown switches are a fine middle ground for a lot of people. A few people can’t decide between a linear switch or a tactile one, so Browns are a good option for them. They still have a discernible tactile bump. Although it’s definitely less prominent than a Blue switch. As for feel, they lie somewhere between clicky and linear.

They have an actuation distance of 2mm and the actuation force itself is 45g. That in itself makes this a tad bit lighter than the blue switches. This switch is definitely very versatile. It comes close in terms of behavior to the blue switch but Cherry MX Brown keys are a tad bit faster in response.

As for sound, they are pretty much almost silent. In conclusion, Cherry MX Brown switches feel like a combination of MX Blue and Red. For people who still want a discernible tactile feel but without the noise, Cherry MX Brown is the way to go.

Who’s it for: They are a great blend of gaming and typing. The switch is very versatile so it provides a great experience no matter the task. Although, keep in mind that Reds are still more responsive and preferred for competitive gaming. You can go for Blue switches if you’re just going to be typing. But if you’re going to be gaming a bit, you’ll like the slight medium feel Brown switches provide.

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