OpenAI Has Announced “ChatGPT” For iOS, Includes Several New Features

ChatGPT, a web-based chatbot that can provide information on a wide variety of topics, has been used by hundreds of millions of people since its release in November. In an effort to capitalize on ChatGPT’s massive success, its creators at the San Francisco-based artificial intelligence lab OpenAI released an updated version of the chatbot for the iPhone on Thursday.

The ChatGPT app, like its desktop version, lets users communicate with an AI chatbot to ask questions, receive advice, discover inspiration, learn, study, and more without resorting to a standard online search.

The latest version may encourage more people to give ChatGPT a try on their phones as their primary mobile assistant because of the problems with Apple’s own voice assistant, Siri, and Apple’s lack of advancement in artificial intelligence. Since Google now benefits from being the default search engine in Safari on Apple’s iPhone, the introduction might also possibly affect the fortunes of the search engine.

ChatGPT for iOS | OpenAI

ChatGPT’s mobile app is synced with your web browser history, so whatever information you’ve looked up on the desktop version will be available on your phone and vice versa. The software also supports voice input thanks to the incorporation of Whisper, OpenAI’s free and open-source speech recognition technology.

OpenAI noted in its statement that ChatGPT Plus members would have access to GPT-4’s capabilities via the new app, as well as early access to additional features and quicker response times. The premium service, which includes uninterrupted use of ChatGPT even during busy hours, is available to subscribers for $20 per month.

To make AI smarter, OpenAI has made it clear that it would also train algorithms with comments gleaned from ChatGPT user records. If the iOS version of the bot’s voice recognition feature is well-received, it might give a vital new stream of requests with a more conversational tone.


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