Canon Printer in Error State? Try These Fixes

Canon printers being in an error state is a very common problem. The error is notified to the user as a system notification or on the printer screen. The error state issue is reported on nearly all the models of the Canon printers (network or local). For some of the users, the issue started to occur after the printer cartridge or toner was replaced, while for another set of users, the error state issue occurred after the router was changed. In some cases, the problem occurred only after printing the first page of the print job while in some, it occurred out of blue. Also, some users reported that no lights on the printer were blinking when the issue started.

Canon Printer in Error State? Try These Fixes
Canon Printer in Error State Fix

A Canon printer might say it is in an error state mainly due to the following:

  • Interference from Firewall or Antivirus: If a security product of your system is hindering the printer’s driver access to an essential system resource (like print spooler), then it may cause the error state issue.
  • Corrupt or Incompatible Router Firmware: If the router’s firmware is corrupt or the router was recently changed, then the printer and system may fail to communicate with each other, resulting in the printer issue at hand.
  • Corrupt Installation of the Canon Printer Driver: If the Canon printer’s driver has become corrupt (e.g., due to a sudden power failure), then the printer might show the error state issue.
  • Hardware Issue: The issue under discussion could be a result of a hardware problem with the printer e.g. if the LAN or Wi-Fi modules of the printer have gone bad, then the printer may fail to communicate with the system and cause the error state message.

Perform a Cold Restart of the Printer, Router, and System

A temporary communication glitch between the printer and system may result in the printer error state issue. Here, performing a cold restart of the printer, router, and system may clear the glitch and thus solve the problem.

But before moving to that route, check if any lights are blinking on the printer. If so, check the Canon website to understand the lighting pattern and troubleshoot accordingly e.g., if the B and C lights on the printer are full-on but not blinking, then you may have to replace the print cartridges.

  1. Power off your system, router, and printer.
  2. Now, unplug the power cable of all the devices and disconnect all the devices from each other.
  3. Then remove the network cables from the back of the router and PC.
  4. Now wait for 5 minutes and in the meantime, check if the printer is clear of any debris or jammed paper. Also, make sure all the printer parts (including cartridges or toners) are properly connected.
  5. Afterward, connect back all the power and network cables to the devices.
  6. Then power on the router and let it stabilize.
  7. Now power on the printer and once it is properly powered on.
  8. Then power on the problematic system and once powered on, check if the printer is clear of the error state.
  9. If not, then power on the printer, and afterward, check if unplugging/plugging back the LAN cable solves the problem.
  10. If that did not work, right-click Windows and open Settings.
    Open Windows Settings
  11. Now select Devices and head to the Printers and Scanners tab.
    Open Devices in Windows Settings
  12. Then check if there is a copy of the Canon printer is shown e.g., Canon mg2500 (copy 1).
    Use the Copy of the Canon Printer in Devices
  13. If so, then check if printing through that printer copy solves the problem.

If that did not work, then check if the printer can be used by directly connecting it to the problematic system by using a USB cable. If not, check if the printer works fine on another system (either through the network or USB).

Disable the Firewall/Antivirus of the System

You may encounter the error state issue on a Canon printer if the firewall/antivirus of your system is blocking access to a module essential for the printer application/driver operation. In this scenario, you can get the Canon printer out of the error state by disabling the firewall of the system.


Proceed at your own risk as disabling the firewall of your system may expose your system, network, or data to threats.

  1. Right-click on the security software (e.g., ESET) in the system’s tray (you may have to expand hidden icons) and select Pause Protection.
    Pause Protection of ESET Internet Security
  2. Then confirm to disable the protection and again, right-click on the security product.
  3. Now select Pause Firewall and then confirm to disable the system’s firewall.
    Pause Eset Firewall of Your System
  4. Then make sure to disable the Windows Defender firewall as well.
  5. Now check if the Canon Printer is working fine.
  6. If not, make sure the Spooler SubSystem App is not listed as a blocked program in the security application settings (Norton is reported to block the mentioned utility). If so, then add an exception for the following path in the security software settings:

Reset the Router to the Factory Defaults

The system might fail to query the printer if the router’s firmware is corrupt and this may lead to the error state message at hand. Also, if the router was recently changed, then the printer may fail to properly communicate with the system. In such a case, resetting the router to the factory defaults may solve the problem.

  1. Firstly, backup the essential information to set up the router later on and make sure the router is powered on.
  2. Now locate the reset button on the router, usually, at the back or bottom of the router. In some routers, the power button acts as the reset button if pressed for a longer time.
  3. Once located, press/hold the reset button by using a pointy object (like a paperclip) and wait for 30 seconds.
    Reset Your Router
  4. Then release the reset button and let the router power back on.
  5. Now configure the router as per the OEM instructions.
  6. Afterward, configure the printer and system to check if the Canon printer error state issue is resolved.

Reinstall the Canon Printer Software/Driver

If the installation of the Canon printer driver/software is corrupt, then you may encounter the error state message. In this context, reinstalling the printer application/driver may solve the problem. But before that, make sure there is no time interval set up on the system or printer (e.g., if an organization printer is configured only to print during office times).

  1. Firstly, disconnect the printer from the system (if connected through a USB).
  2. Now right-click on Windows and select Apps & Features.
  3. Then uninstall all the Canon applications (driver, Canon IJ Network Tool, etc.). Make sure to remove the MP drivers, XPS drivers, Extended Survey Program (if installed) as well.
    Uninstall the Canon Applications in the Windows Settings
  4. Afterward, right-click on Windows and select Settings.
  5. Now open Devices and in the left pane, head to the Printers and Scanners tab.
  6. Then select any of the Canon printers and click on Remove Device.
    Remove the Canon Printer in Printers and Scanners
  7. Now confirm to remove the printer and repeat the same for all the Canon printers.
  8. Again, right-click on Windows and select Device Manager.
  9. Now, on the menu bar, expand View and select Show Hidden Devices.
    Show Hidden Devices in Device Manager
  10. Then expand Printers and right-click on the Canon printer.
  11. Now select Uninstall Device and then checkmark the option of Delete the Driver Software for This Device.
    Remove the Canon Printers in the Device Manager
  12. Then, click on the Uninstall button, and once done, repeat the same for other Canon printers in the Device Manager (if present). In case, the printer also has a scanner functionality, make sure to remove it under the Imaging Devices option of the Device Manager.
  13. Now restart your system and upon restart, download the latest driver of the Canon printer from the regional Canon website.
  14. Then launch the downloaded Canon driver as administrator and follow the prompts to install the driver.
  15. Once installed, restart your system, and upon restart, check if the Canon printer’s error state issue is resolved.

Re-Add the Wi-Fi Network to the Printer

The printer in error state problem could be a result of an issue with the network type it is using e.g. if a Wi-Fi connection is being used and the printer’s Wi-Fi card (or vice versa) has gone bad, then it may result in the error at hand. Here, using the other network type may solve the problem.

Firstly, if you are using a Wi-Fi connection, then check if using a LAN connection to the printer solves the problem. If that is not an option, then you may add the Wi-Fi network to the printer as discussed below (the exact instructions might differ for some users but general guidelines will be the same). But before doing that, make sure the printer can print a test page.

  1. On the Home screen of the printer (e.g., PIXMA MG6320), swipe left and tap on the Setup icon (the wrench and screwdriver icon).
  2. Now select Device Settings and tap on LAN Settings.
    Open Wireless LAN Setup of the Canon Printer
  3. Then open Wireless LAN Setup and on the To Startup Setup… window (if shown), select To Other Connection Methods (near the bottom of the screen).
  4. Now tap on Standard Setup and select your Wi-Fi connection from the list of the available networks.
  5. Then enter the Wi-Fi credentials and apply the changes.
  6. Then, on the problematic system, reinstall the driver/printer application (as discussed earlier) and hopefully, the printer would be out of the error state.

If the issue persists, then you may have to contact the regional support of Canon to solve the problem.


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