How to Block Buyers and Bidders on eBay?

When you are in the business of buying and selling products on eBay, you will meet many bad buyers that you would like to avoid in the future. The reason can be a bad interaction with them or they committed some sort of fraud. eBay provides a blocking option to the sellers, where they can block the users from bidding on their listing. Sometimes sellers might need to block a country due to shipping problems. In this article, you will find the settings for how to block an individual user or block an entire country.

How to block someone on eBay

Blocking Individual User on eBay

If you had an issue with a buyer and you want to avoid them in the future, then you can simply block them from bidding on your listings. This process requires the user’s username or email address that you want to block. The blocked users will also be unable to send you a message regarding any of the listings you have posted on eBay. Follow the below steps to block an individual user on eBay:

  1. Go to the official eBay website and Sign in to your account.
    Logging into your eBay account
  2. After signing in, click on the Help & Contact at the top.
    Opening the help & contact option
  3. Type ‘Block a buyer‘ in the search box and click the Block a buyer button as shown below
    Searching for block a buyer option
  4. Now here you can type the user’s ID in the text box. You can separate each ID by typing the comma as shown below. Finally, click on the Submit button to complete the process.
    Adding user IDs to block them
  5. It will show you a message that the list is successfully updated.
    The list is successfully updated

Blocking eBay Buyers by State or Country

Sellers can also block buyers from a particular state, country or even an entire continent. Sometimes the seller just doesn’t want to ship the product overseas. Therefore, the user can select only their home country for selling their products. To avoid buyers from the countries to whom you don’t want to sell your item, just block them in the settings as shown below:

  1. Open the official eBay website and Sign in to your account.
    Logging into your eBay account
  2. After you are logged in, click on the My eBay link at the top right corner.
    Opening my eBay Summary settings
  3. This will take you to the eBay Summary and then click on the Account option.
    Opening account settings
  4. In Account choose the Site Preferences option under Account preferences as shown below:
    Opening Site Preferences
  5. Scroll down, find the option Exclude shipping locations from your listings under Shipping Preferences and click the Edit button for that option.
    Editing the Excluded shipping location
  6. Now you can uncheck the entire regions, or you can click on Show all countries and then select which country to exclude from shipping locations.
    Excluding countries and region for shipping
  7. Click on the Save button to save the changes. Then go back to the Site Preferences page and click on the Buyer Requirements link to edit it.
  8. Check the Block Buyers in Location to which I don’t ship option as shown below. Then click on the Submit button and you are done blocking the State or Country.
    Blocking the region and countries to which you don’t ship

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