Best NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2070 to buy in 2019

The predecessor series (GTX series) of the new Ray-Tracing Integrated GPUs has been extremely successful in terms of popularity and almost everything. But as expected the PC Master Race enthusiasts still begged for more power, higher frame rates, and higher graphical performance. Thus the RTX series was released just a couple of months ago. The RTX 2080 seemed to be the more powerful option when the new GPUs were released but the more expensive one as well, whereas the RTX 2070 is a practical choice for those who are a bit short on cash but still want the bragging rights of purchasing an RTX graphics card. Surely the countless options of these cards to choose from can be overwhelming, that’s where we hop in. In this Article, we are going to discuss some of the best RTX 2070 graphics cards available in the market right now which will help you make the ultimate purchase decision for your new RTX 2070.

1. GIGABYTE AORUS Xtreme GeForce RTX 2070

Our Rating: 9/10

  • Incredible performance for the price
  • Premium Cooling
  • RGB Aesthetics
  • Aorus Engine Could Be Better Optimized
  • Massive In Size/Weight

13 Reviews

Boost Clock: 1815 MHz | Fan Quantity: 3 | VRAM: 8GB | Length of GPU: 11.42inch

With being ranked 17th in “Taiwan’s Top 20 Global Brands”, GIGABYTE has clearly shown its worth amongst its competitors.

This RTX 2070 has some notable features including the famed triple fan design for better thermal control for the GPU. Even at 100% fan speeds, the card is pretty quiet and maintains a relatively low temperature.

Other than that it comes with the prominent and illustrious RGB lighting, providing its consumers an ecstatic/colorful experience.

Moving forward with its components, it uses a 10+2 power phase combo and the card comes with a factory overclocked boost of 1815 MHz which when further overclocked showed an increase of almost 200 MHz with a peak temperature of 70-71c.

A great implementation that GIGABYTE has gone with is that they claim to use aerospace PCB material which makes the card moisture proof and dust proof.

It comes with a variety of connectivity options which include 3x Display ports, 3x HDMI ports and a single USB type C. The power consumption of the card is rated at a massive 315 Watts under extreme load.

It comes with an extended warranty of 4 years which means you’re automatically in a pretty good spot when it comes to the lifespan of the GPU. Indeed a solid option with a variety of extra features which puts the cherry on top.

2. ASUS Strix GeForce RTX 2070

Our Rating: 8.9/10

  • Premium Cooling Optimization
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Some Software Issues as It Is Still In Development
  • Quality Control Issues From Asus

67 Reviews

Boost Clock: 1845 MHz | Fan Quantity: 3 | VRAM: 8GB | Length of GPU: 11.83inch

The Asus Strix RTX 2070  comes factory overclocked but with a more aggressive OC at 1845 MHz and it also comes with a triple fan combo which is programmed to automatically shut off when the card’s temperature is below 55 degrees, indeed a one of a kind feature but almost every GPU vendor is implementing this feature these days, so no surprises here.

However, If that’s not enough, there is a dual bios system in which users can choose from “Quiet Mode/Performance Mode”. The quiet mode offers a very relaxing and silent gaming experience with decent temperatures and the performance mode is optimized for lower temperatures but a slightly noisier surrounding.

The RGB lighting on the card is premium as it delivers up to 6 different lighting effects varying from static to producing a breathing effect and millions of color combinations to choose from, one surely won’t be jaded.

It comes with 2x HDMI ports, 2x Display ports and a USB type C for a fair number of connectivity choices. The maximum power consumption of this GPU is approximately 220 Watts.

During the testing and overclocking the card, we witnessed a 14% boost of 115+ MHz in the CPU clock and 100+ MHz in the memory clock. The card has implemented a 10 phase “Super Alloy Power II Design”.

Also, the 3-year warranty that ASUS offers will definitely be of significance to its consumers. Due to the card’s powerful cooling system which inevitably makes it one of the most silent card on this list, it is best suited for noise focused individuals.

3. ZOTAC GAMING AMP Extreme GeForce RTX 2070

Our Rating: 8.7/10

  • Highest OC Value Compared to Others
  • Software UI is user friendly
  • Largest On this list
  • Quality Control Issues in the HDMI ports

36 Reviews

Boost Clock: 1860 MHz | Fan Quantity: 3 | VRAM: 8GB | Length of GPU: 12.13inch

With an array of features including a boost clock of 1860 MHz to an optimized cooling system, here is ZOTAC GAMING’s take on the RTX 2070.

One of the newer features includes the Ice Storm 2.0. With the already situated 3x 90mm fans, Ice Storm 2.0 maximizes the cooling effect and manually directs the heat away from the core of the card.

The card consists of 3x Display ports, an HDMI port and a USB type C. Certainly not the highest variety of connectivity options yet a decent amount for the average gamer. It has a power consumption of 225 Watts when tested under load.

When the card was overclocked, we saw a gain of 120+ MHz in the boost clock which almost hit the mark of 2100 MHz. The memory clock OC was mediocre and we experienced a gain of 750+ MHz on it. All together the temperature remained at the 70-80c mark but rose when we tried to overclock the GPU further. The card comes with a massive 16+4 power phase capability as well.

ZOTAC is introducing their own type of customization named as “Spectra” which grants its users the ability to customize the outlines of the GPU only, which in itself gives it a minimalistic effect.

It also comes with a 3-year standard warranty so you can relax and enjoy your favorite games. Overall an excellent package of speed, style, and sensible temperatures.

4. EVGA XC Ultra Gaming GeForce RTX 2070

Our Rating: 8.2/10

  • Impressive thermal performance
  • Relatively Low power consumption
  • 3 year & EVGA 24/7 technical support
  • Dual HDB Fans
  • Bland design

241 Reviews

Boost Clock: 1725 MHz | Fan Quantity: 2 | VRAM: 8GB | Length of GPU: 10.6inch

With a comparatively low boost clock of only 1725 MHz and all together lesser features, you might underestimate this behemoth from EVGA. It can still be overclocked to a higher frequency but you might be risking the card’s life span.

The connectivity options on this card are similar to that of ZOTAC GAMING. With consisting of 3x Display ports, 1x HDMI and 1x USB type C.

With the built-in EVGA X1 overclocking software, an increase of 110 MHz in the boost clock was witnessed at a moderate temperature of just 65c. This particular model has 10 power phases.

It consists of 2x fans, both work flawlessly but at the highest settings they can be a bit loud. With the RGB option built in the GPU, now users can customize their setups effortlessly with a click of a button.

The card has an extended warranty of 3 years. It also has a very low power consumption of just 175 Watts which will make up for the lack of other high-end features. A perfect choice for reducing the pressure on PSUs, if you are on a tight budget then Evga’s RTX 2070 can help you cut some slack upon purchasing a PSU, you can just get a decent budget 80+ Bronze PSU (550watt Minimum) and get away with it easily, naturally saving money for other components as well.

5. MSI Gaming Z GeForce RTX 2070

Our Rating: 8/10

  • Concentrated Heatpipes
  • Stealthy Aesthetics
  • Premium Backplate
  • Mediocre Thermal Performance
  • Redeemable Game Codes From MSI Are Sketchy

113 Reviews

Boost Clock: 1830 MHz | Fan Quantity: 2 | VRAM: 8GB | Length of GPU: 11.61inch

Last on this list is the infamous MSI Gaming Z RTX 2070. The boost clock of this GPU averages at about 1830 MHz which is faster than half of the cards on this list already.

Even though MSI tried its best in perfecting the cooling aspect of the card, it still showed heating complications which in turn affected the cards performance through thermal bottlenecking.

We experienced an increase of 120+ MHz in core clock and an 850+ MHz in memory clock when the GPU was overclocked with an average temperature of 88c. The Card uses an 8+2 power phase design.

The card comes with built-in RGB mystic lights and a 2-year standard warranty.

It Consists of 3x Display Ports, a single HDMI and USB type C with the maximum power consumption on the card being 225 Watts. A fair choice for a sound gaming experience, but beware we’ve already warned you about the thermal performance of this GPU, all in all, if you’ve got the perfect airflow in your PC case, then this card would work just fine for almost everyone. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.
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