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5 Best Addressable RGB Fans For Your New Aesthetic Gaming PC Build

It is the icing on the cake, the crown at the head of a king, and the thing which ties a build together. Yes, we are talking about RGB fans. No gamer build is complete without the very thing which will take it to the next level. Such fans are coveted and sought after by gaming enthusiasts and PC users all over the world. The biggest flex in the PC game is your RGB. Nothing makes RGB speak out more than setting it up in an RGB setup, with a tempered glass casing. In such casings, RGB Fans are the eye candy.

It might be a confusing thing to decide between RGB Fans, what kinds of fans are there? Who makes the best ones? Is there any budget constriction? All these questions will be answered momentarily. The RGB fans come in different sizes and the one you pick will depend on what kind of size your PC casing will accommodate. The most common one will be the 120mm fan or the 140 mm fan. The 200 mm Fan is one with the most remote of use. Today we look at some of the world’s finest RGB Fans. We will try to make sense of the picks and list something for just about anyone. For the guys with deep pockets to those on a strict budget, there is a product for your requirements here.

1. Thermaltake Riing

Best 120mm Fan


  • Great RGB results
  • Can be controlled in many ways
  • Well priced
  • Lengthy cable


  • LEDs are noticeable

Size: 120, 140 and 200mm | Airflow: 41.14 CFM (max) | RPM: 500-1500 RPM | Noise: 25.2 dBA

Thermaltake is another relatively big name in the gaming industry. The company takes pride in manufacturing many different kinds of products, but what they look to do is make them in an affordable range. All of Thermaltake’s products will be targeted for those on a budget. This does not mean the products are not as good, the products are amazing and will do their work just fine. The Thermaltake Riing RGB fans are the best choice according to us, as they give the best value for money.

The Thermaltake Riing fans come in a pack of 3 or as a single fan. The build quality of the fans is relatively good. The RGB lighting is present inside the wall of the Fans. When the fans rotate it gives off a very good effect. The fans have good airflow up to 41.14 CFM and the noise level is not too high either at just over 25 dBA. The fan pack comes with a fan controller which can be used to set up all fans. Each fan’s speed and lighting can be controlled individually. The cable that the Fans come with is very long at 900mm, it might be too long for many cases and this might cause issues with cable management inside the case. It might even be a cool feature for some as well. We prefer to look at it as a positive.

The RGB colors of the Fan are extremely bright; this is a huge bonus as sometimes in some fans these might seem nonchalant. The software of the RGB controls and fan control is very easy to understand and use. It might be too simple as there are no complex mechanics in it. The RGB can be controlled in many ways, through the software on PC; with your phone, even Alexa can help you out with it. These are good bonuses considering they cost marginally less than the competition. Very well priced in between the cheap and the expensive. One big issue regarding the Thermaltake Riing fans was that they messed up in their finishing. The individual LEDs are somewhat clearly visible if you pay attention. This sort of makes these fans look unsmooth and low tier in some cases. If they used a better material for the LED panel cover it would have been nice.

So, the Thermaltake Riing fans are an excellent top-level choice for anyone with the need for RGB fans. Buying the 3 fan pack will save you a lot of money and give you further value. The product will work fine and deliver good enough RGB results to satisfy your needs.

2. Corsair LL120 RGB

High quality and durability


  • Good design
  • Good performance
  • High quality build and construction
  • Effective and smooth software


  • Overpriced

Size: 120, 140mm | Airflow: 43.25 CFM | RPM: 600-1500 RPM | Noise: 24.8 dBA

The second product in our list comes from Corsair. The Corsair LL120 fans would take the number one spot if the price on the product was lower, as they are from what believe probably the best. Corsair has a knack for making some of the world’s best gaming products, ranging from peripherals, casings, gaming chairs, and even cooling solutions.

The Corsair LL120 RGB fans have the very top of the line build quality, finish, and extremely effective RGB lighting effects. The 3 fan pack comes with a Fan HUB, a corsair node, a micro USB cable, and well the three fans. The connection of the Corsair LL120 fans is very intriguing and effective. You connect the fans to the fan hub and then connect the hub to the Corsair Node. The corsair node is connected to the PC via the micro USB cable going into the USB 2.0 header on the motherboard. There is plenty of room for more RGB fans in the fan hub and node. The Corsair node connects to the pc and operates as an App in windows. You can control the fans from here, their lighting effects, brightness, and even their fan speed settings.

The Corsair LL120 has many positives that make it stand at the apex of RGB fans. The exceptional build quality, fantastic software, excellent lighting itself is just instantly identifiable. There is no physical or performance-related issue with the product at all. The product costs a bit more than some might want to pay for it is all.

The Corsair LL120 is one of the world’s best RGB fans out there, might even be the best. The only issue with them is that they cost a lot considering there are cheaper alternatives like Thermaltake out there today. The fans offer a great combination of cooling, looks, and build quality.

3. NZXT Aer RGB 2

Great looks and efficient airflow


  • Cooling RGB king
  • Superior airflow
  • Traditional ring RGB design


  • Expensive price
  • Can become noisy at times

Size: 120mm and in 140mm | Airflow: 52.4 CFM | RPM: 500-1500 | Noise: 22.0 dBA

Next up on our list there comes a product from the makers of some of the world’s most aesthetics centered manufacturers, NZXT. NZXT has made a very huge name for them in the gaming industry by competing with the big boys like Corsair and Razer in terms of many different products. The most famous products MZXT makes might easily be their gaming casings and cooling fans.

You can connect these fans to the motherboard or connect them to a fan hub. The NZXT fan hub will have to be purchased separately in most cases. The fans themselves are of excellent high quality and there is no individual LED light being noticeable on the outside. The product feels really well made.

The NZXT Aer is one of the best RGB fans out there right now. The reason for that might be that these look different as they carry the trademark NZXT HUE RGB as well as the ring-like design that only NZXT has pulled off this effortlessly. These are also some of the best fans in terms of cooling and noise levels. Very high airflow at 52.4 CFM and low noise levels as low as 22 dBA. So, it has high airflow with low noise. Although there have been users who have complained regarding the Fans becoming noisy at higher RPMs, most cases however that won’t be the case. These also cost a lot of money, premium product premium pay.

The NZXT Aer RGB2 fans are some of the most luxury fans in the market today. These are the only real outright competitors to the Corsair LL120 fans both in design and overall performance. It is a preference point as sometimes the NZXT fans do cost more than the Corsair ones.

4. Cooler Master MasterFan MF200R RGB

Best 200mm choice


  • Huge airflow design
  • Not noisy
  • Jam protection


  • Needs a compatible case
  • Mostly compatible with only Corsair cases

570 Reviews

Size: 200mm | Airflow: 90 CFM | RPM: 800RPM ±150 | Noise: 28 dBA

Cooler Master is next up in our list with the very well acclaimed MasterFan MF200R. The guys at Cooler Master have always known their stuff and they continue to supply excellent products that are relatively affordable ranges. Cooler Master makes many things, keyboards, mouse, and other things, but their biggest products on the market are their cooling solutions and their Casings.

The Cooler Master MasterFan MF200R RGB is a thing of beauty. This is a large intimidating fan with RGB. That may sound super cool and all but regarding the fan itself you will need a compatible pc case. Not all PC cases can accommodate such a large far properly. So as far as that goes, it might seem like Cooler Master has made this fan for their own PC casings since there are not many casings apart from theirs which has front space for large fans.

The fan allows for extremely high airflow numbers, this will definitely make your PC operate at a more tolerable temperature level. The airflow of 90 CFM is absolutely possible with this RGB fan. Speaking of RGB the fan is able to emit a very large RGB color zone, this looks really cool on any PC you can fit it into. The fan operates at a relatively low noise level, we expected higher numbers but this fan is surprisingly low noise. We would not say quiet, but it still is not too loud. There is an added feature of Jam protection. The fan automatically senses if something is jammed in the fans, a stray cable or hardware, and protects itself and the jammed thing from damage by stopping on its own.

This is easily the best 200mm RGB fan on the market today. It is extremely useful for placement in a mesh casing front, which Cooler Master specializes in. They make good products and this one is no different. The MasterFan MF200R RGB is an outright best pick for a large 200mm fan for eye candy and performance.

5. upHere RGB

The budget pick


  • Budget friendly
  • Gets the job done


  • Mediocre quality
  • Average RGB lighting
  • No feature of highlight

Size: 120mm | Airflow: 46.3 CFM | RPM: 1100 max | Noise: 17.6 dBA

We conclude the list by listing one of the most budget-oriented products in terms of RGB fans out there today. The upHere RGB fans may not be the best or as good in quality or performance as the rest but they get the job done very well. This is not a well-known company so you might hesitate, but don’t let their lack of fame fool you. The product will do you fine if you are on a tight budget.

The upHere RGB fans straight out of the box look decent, not top tier but look good enough to pass. The build quality is also mediocre at best but again this is not a big issue. Once inside the casing, the build quality and standard will not make a difference s no one can focus on that through the RGB. Speaking of the RGB, the colors are vivid and the result is also good enough. This is not a top tier RGB result as some of the color uniformity in some colors is lacking. The product comes with a fan connector hub which can store many fans. The fan RGB color and effects can be controlled from a remote; one issue is you cannot decide the effect or speed for individual fans. The product gets the job done, both aesthetically and performance-wise.

The upHere RGB fans conclude our list and do so in the right way. Not everyone can afford to spend a fortune on luxury fans but most of us do have a dream to do so. These fans get the job done in a very good price. Buying the 3 fan pack will save you a lot of money while also delivering well enough RGB lighting to satisfy.

In the end, all that is left to say is that if your want the perfect RGB fan choice for you, the decision will be between the prices you are willing to pay and the amount of quality you wish to have. This will be a personal choice. None of the fans above fit everyone perfectly as everyone might have different needs. All of the fans above will, however, deliver an excellent performance which will more than satisfy anyone who buys them and installs them.

Those of us on a budget might opt for the widely accepted Thermaltake Riing fans, and those with even less of a budget will go for the upHere RGB fans. Premium product users might opt for NZXT or Corsair LL120 fans instead as they are deep pocket top of the line products. We also have a large fan from Cooler Master to round things off in case you got a casing which can make it work.



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