BEST GUIDE: Sync Your Android Device to Windows 10

While most Smartphone users in today’s day and age prefer to move files between their computer and their phone through the cloud, there are some Smartphone users who prefer the more physical approach, which is tethering and syncing the device to their computer.

Windows 10 keeps the preference of these Smartphone users in mind as users can in fact physically sync their Android device to their Windows 10 computer. The following are the steps that need to be completed to sync an Android device to Windows 10:

windows 10 sync  android

  1. Plug your device into your Windows 10 computer using a MicroUSB or USB Type C cable.
  2. Most Android devices do not allow computers to access their storage unless their USB connection type is changed, so you might need to change the USB connection to ‘MTP’ or ‘Computer transfer’ or something similar before you can go any further.
  3. At this point, Windows 10 will fire up the Windows 10 Phone Companion, the much-awaited Windows 10 application that allows Smartphones other than those that use the Windows Mobile Operating System to be synced to Windows 10. The Windows 10 Phone Companion identifies the device that is connected to the computer by its model number and name, displays the device’s battery percentage, charge status, provides the user with the option to install Android versions of Microsoft applications such as OneNote and Skype on their device, and links that can be used to manually move files between the computer and the device using either the Photos application on Windows 10 or the good old File Explorer. At this point, the sync process is basically complete.
  4. You can use the Microsoft 10 Phone Companion to sync the Microsoft services such as Outlook, Microsoft Office and Cortana (coming soon) on your computer with those on your Android device, and the File Explorer application to move files between your computer and your Android device just like you used to do in the old days.
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BEST GUIDE: Sync Your Android Device to Windows 10

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