5 Best GPU Support Brace To Prevent GPU Sag In 2020

As we’re seeing newer graphics card with more power than ever before, there is also the underlying fact that their size is growing and it’s getting simply painful to have them inside the PC case. Due to the weight of the GPU, it can start to sag which ends up with your GPU having one side bent. Not only is it bad for your GPU, but it can also cause damage to your motherboard as well. With the hanging weight, it can damage the ports and the weight can cause damage in the long-run. All of these can end up in you having to spend all the money again to fix these problems if the damage is not taken care of and prevented.

GPU support braces are quite common nowadays because of how heavy the GPUs are coming out to be. Most motherboards and GPUs these days have support in some form to counter the GPU sag. However, oftentimes it is rare and you might find that it still isn’t enough. Especially when there are other components such as coolers also weighing down. There are different types of GPU support braces but they all essentially have the same purpose- prevent the weight of the GPU from coming down on the motherboard. Getting a GPU support brace for yourself is a great choice because there really isn’t anywhere you can go wrong with that. Below is our list of the top 5 GPU support braces that we think you should be looking into.

1. CoolerMaster ELV8

Style and Support

  • Addressable RGB
  • Solid steel build
  • Easy to move slider
  • Easy installation
  • A little expensive for a support brace

436 Reviews

Type: Horizontal | RGB: Yes | Material: Steel and Plastic

Seeing as how CoolerMaster has built up their reputation, it should come as no surprise that we’re seeing their name in the list for the top GPU support braces. Even a simple product as a support brace can be styled up a notch and that’s exactly what CoolerMaster has done. For those who want to lose no style points, CoolerMaster ELV8 is the GPU support brace you should be looking out for.

The ELV8 support brace is a horizontal brace that is built with strong and sturdy metal. That is evident by the fact that your GPU can easily hold its weight if you’re using this brace. Moreover, it also has addressable RGB lights that are compatible and can be synced with MSI, Gigabyte, and ASRock motherboards. Due to its length, you can support almost all of the GPUs in the market right now and it is quite easy to do so as well. Using the 3 pins, you can screw the ELV8 in place and the slider with the screw lets you adjust the length that’ll correspond to the GPU you’re supporting with the ELV8.

With the CoolerMaster ELV8, there is very little that can go wrong. Solid steel holding your GPU up to prevent sag and damage to your motherboard and not compromising on style and aesthetics either. The price seems a little extensive for a simple product such as a GPU brace but you get addressable RGB with it as well so there’s a bonus too.

2. upHere Addressable RGB Brace

Aesthetics and support

  • RGB support for most motherboards
  • Rubber pad does not damage the surface of the GPU
  • Good and sturdy design
  • Sliding rubber pad
  • 6 screws are a little too much to deal with

5 Reviews

Type: Horizontal | RGB: Yes | Material: Aluminum and steel

Next up on our list is a support brace by upHere. Like the previously mentioned one by CoolerMaster, this one too has addressable RGB in it. Without compromising on any front, you have a GPU support brace that will most definitely hold even the heaviest of cards with ease.

Built of the same strong and sturdy metal as before, the upHere addressable RGB brace for your GPU is also fancy and stylish. At times, we wonder if adding another component in our PC case will reduce the aesthetics of the already present ones. Illuminated by the same RGB strip and 16.8 million colors, you can be sure that upHere’s GPU support will do no such thing. It is powered by a single 5 Volt 3-pin connector and is screwed in by 6 screws. Instead of a sliding screw, you have a sliding rubber pad which helps in not causing any damage to your GPU. The rubber pad keeps your GPU at bay while the brace holds its weight.

The upHere addressable RGB GPU brace also has support for most motherboards and its RGB lights can be synced with them, providing for not only ease of use but also simplicity in managing the RGB lights. It is easy to install however the 6 screws can be a little pain to deal with at first. Along with that it also fits rather well with RGB RAM etc due to how it looks.

3. MSI Gaming Graphics Card Bolster

Support 3 GPUs

  • Vertical design
  • Support for 3 GPUs
  • Can fit in almost all motherboards
  • Can get in the way of other components or wires
  • Does not look very good

185 Reviews

Type: Vertical | RGB: No | Material: Steel and rubber

MSI is known for a number of products that they’ve successfully put out in the market. It makes sense that a company that’s responsible for putting out so many GPUs in the market would make a GPU support brace. After all, it’s only inevitable you get one seeing as how the latest GPUs are so heavy and big.

Unlike the previously mentioned support braces, this one is a vertical brace and has support for 3 GPUs. It has an adjustable pole that lets you install this bolster in motherboards of height from 390mm to 680mm, making it a great option for most motherboards. After vertically installing it, you can then adjust the rubber pads along the pole and they will support the weight of the GPU without letting the motherboard withstand the damage. There are no flashy features about this support brace and it is only there to do the essentials.

Despite being a different design, this MSI bolster is as good a support brace for GPUs as any. Helping prevent the weight of the GPU to fall down on the motherboard itself, it has support for 3 GPUs at the same time.

4. upHere Vertical Brace

Magnetic Base

  • Easy installation
  • Magnetic base
  • 2 GPU support
  • No RGB lights
  • Can get in the way of the wires

742 Reviews

Type: Vertical | RGB: No | Material: Steel and rubber

We’ve already mentioned upHere’s support brace above but this one is a little different, albeit it does the same job. Instead of having horizontal support with RGB lights and flairs about it, this one is a vertical one with a simplistic design.

The base of this bolster is magnetic and it sticks to the base of your CPU case. With a vertical shape, it can help support up to 2 GPUs at the same time and essentially negate all of the weight that might be damaging your motherboard. It is made of aluminum allow and therefore, is a solid structure that can easily hold that heavyweight. The best part of this bolster is the fact that there are no screws needed to install it. With a magnetic base and just easy to move and adjust pads to hold the GPUs, you’re set and ready to go in a matter of minutes.

The upHere vertical GPU brace is a little different but it is no doubt a great investment. Not only is it not very expensive, it does its job exquisitely and holds two GPUs up at the same time without damaging or ruining your aesthetics.


Cost effective

  • Gets the job done
  • Inexepensive
  • Does not have a lot of structural integrity
  • Can't hold a lot of weight
  • No aesthetics

127 Reviews

Type: Horizontal | RGB: No | Material: Aluminum

The final GPU support brace in our list is the EZDIY-FAB GPU Holder, a very simple looking brace that is easy on the wallet and can hold the weight of most of the GPUs. For those who just want a brace that can get the job done and do not have a very heavy GPU, this can be a really cost-effective and good option.

The EZDIY-FAB GPU holder has 3mm of aluminum on it which prevents your GPU from sagging and weighing down on your motherboard. These things can end up damaging the ports and at times, causing long-term damage to your GPU if left unaddressed. This brace is a horizontal one and does not really have a lot of weight and structural integrity about it. Therefore, it is best to use this GPU brace for medium weight graphics cards as most heavyweight ones will require more than this.

The EZDIY-FAB GPU brace is an inexpensive holder for your GPU and just gets it all right. The matte-black look helps it blend in with most GPUs and does not stand out which can sometimes ruin the PC aesthetics. There isn’t much about this GPU brace except the fact that you’ll be content with the purchase, provided your GPU does not weigh a lot.

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