Best Friday Memes

Friday, the best of all days. It is the last working or studying day for the week for many. And it also marks the beginning of the weekend for you to rest and enjoy your free time, only if you don’t have school or office on a Saturday. People wait for Friday throughout the week and that is exactly what these ‘Friday Memes’ show. How a working person or a student, waits for Fridays. The feelings attached to it, makes these memes so relatable. A meme makes you laugh even harder if you can relate to it.

What do Friday Memes Express?

 Friday memes mostly display the feeling of excitement one has, when waiting for Friday. It also expresses the anxiety and the boredom one feels waiting for it to be Friday already. They show the eagerness and annoyance too, that a working person, or someone who has to go to college on weekdays, goes through.

When to Use Friday Memes? 

You can share Friday memes over the social media forums anytime during the week, including all days. For days before Friday, the memes are usually around the feeling of anticipation, so there is a different type of humour attached to it. Memes for Friday, have different texts over them which make them funny for that specific day. And that is not it. They even have post-Friday Memes.

Friday Memes That Make Me Laugh 

I am going to share some of my favourite Friday memes when I hated going to work and loved how it felt when it was ‘Friday’. And not just the Friday feels, it was funny how I, like any other working person would count days until it was Friday and then once it is over, the counting begins again.

Here are some of the best Pre-Friday, Friday and Post-Friday memes that you can share when you are waiting for the ‘relief day’ to come soon.

1. Waiting for Friday Like

Waiting for Friday like

And that is exactly how one feels when you are in the middle of the week, and are eagerly waiting for it to be Friday. On a Monday, or a Wednesday, you can no more handle the stress and the pressure of the week, not anymore. And you literally push yourself so hard to reach the weekend. And then it is simply on repeat every week. So basically this is you. And I love it how it is so nicely linked.

2. Can the Work End Already?

Friday here yet?

Waiting can be hard at times. And waiting for Fridays is even harder. And being overloaded with a busy week, all you look forward to is a Friday. And you just can’t wait for it to come.

So is it Friday already?

3. It’s Friday!

After going through the hardships all week long, when you finally reach Friday, ‘the’ day that you have been waiting for. ‘The’ day that you wait for every day. This is how you feel.

Run! It’s Friday

The excitement and happiness that you feel on a Friday is unmatchable.

How can you not be this happy when it is Friday? You have to be. You always are. And you don’t just walk out of your office when it is a Friday. You run. Because you don’t want anyone to stop you even for a minute. Why? Because it is Friday.

4. Like a Boss

Before it was Friday, when you are waiting for it to be here already, you plan your weekend ahead. You decide where you would be going out with your friends. You plan. You also write down a to-do list for the weekend. And then this is what you do on a Friday.

Quite wild?

Like literally, you sit there in the most comfortable clothes, and you do nothing. Nothing at all. You give yourself a treat by staying home, sitting on the sofa and relaxing like you have never before. And that feeling ‘is’ a bliss. It feels so good to be just sitting there and doing nothing. It is like the opposite of what you were doing throughout the feel. From so much work to so much free time.

Yes, that is why we wait for Fridays.

5. Working Saturdays be Like

But for those, who know how we are feeling, but cannot feel this way because ‘they work on Saturdays.

I work on Saturday Feels

I can feel it through this meme. The jealousy. Of not enjoying your Friday like it is meant to be enjoyed.

That feel

6.Wait, What?

And while you are just beginning to enjoy the feeling of a weekend, you realize that it is over? Wait, What?

Weekend Over

7. I Can’t Believe it’s Over

Besides the fact that you are in major denials in this moment. You also want it back. You want to redo the Friday feels.

I want it back.Now.

8. My Week in a Nutshell

But it is okay. You know you will make it through the week. And the cycle will go on. Like it always does. So just hang in there, until the next Friday arrives.

Counting Days Again

Yes, almost there. Just another 6 days to go. Hang in there.


Habiba Rehman

Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.