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The 5 Best Extended Mouse Pads for Your Gaming PC Setup

We always like to keep things neat and especially our gadgets because they require extra care so they can perform the best. Now numerous parameters need to be addressed to procure the best kind of placement options for your loved peripherals.

For that purpose, extended mouse pads have always been a nifty solution. Since the mouse and keyboard are the most used and primary peripherals to be taken into consideration, most manufacturers work to enhance your experience by providing the most comfortable and reliable extended pads that can entirely overhaul your placements and input accuracy. Here are some of the best-extended mousepads in 2022

1. Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Soft Extended Gaming Mouse Mat

Best Overall


  • Razer Chroma Customizability
  • 16.8 Million Color Combinations
  • Soft Mat
  • Optimized for Sensitivity Settings and Sensors


  • Not conveniently portable

Length: 36.2 inches | Width: 11.58 inches | Surface:  Cloth Surface | Thickness: 3.048 mm

Razer has always set the bar high when it comes to peripherals and this time is no exception because Razer Goliathus Chroma Mat is as much of an extraordinary performer as the name might suggest. It, of course, features the Chroma capabilities of the 16.8 million color palette that you can choose from to customize your pad in sync with other Chroma-powered Razer products.

Since we have already unraveled the aesthetics then let’s move on to the performance and output section where Razer has utilized the soft mat approach including a cloth surface with a premium micro-textured cloth which is backed by an anti-slip rubber base. This incorporates a seamless and anti-turbulent experience for the user.

Including the captivating aesthetics and the sophisticated build of this pad, it is also optimized for the majority of the sensitivity settings and sensors that it can come across while avid usage. The precision micro-textured layout makes it an ideal gaming companion.  All of the Chroma lightings are reinforced and managed by Razer’s proprietary Synapse software.  The pad is available in two color variants, one is the Classic Black and the other is the Razer Store Exclusive Quartz Pink which means you can get a bit of both world while setting up your new work or play station.

If you are on the lookout for the ideal extended mousepad for your needs then this would be the practical option to go for.

2. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface - XL RGB Prism

Best Looking Mousepad


  • 2-Zone RGB lighting
  • In-Game Lighting Profiles
  • Dual Surface Functionality
  • Exclusive QcK Micro-Woven Cloth


  • Hefty Price Tag

Length: 35.43 inches | Width: 11.81 inches | Surface: Cloth Surface | Thickness: 4 mm

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface is the successor of the QcK series which has been the ideal choice for eSports gamers for the past 20 years. It boasts a 2-zone RGB lighting which holds the potential to be customizable out of 16.8 million colors. This feature can further be tweaked as per your will with SteelSeries’ Engine software which can assist you in creating custom lighting effects and combos within moments. Some of the available lighting effects would include the RGB shuffling and audio equalizer.  It is also optimized for high and low DPI tracking movements. It features dual surfaces on each side so you can always experiment with which one you would prefer as your daily driver.

The build quality is very prominent with a high-quality cloth surface woven together with perfection which enables the precision-packed output of the surface as mandatory for eSports utility. The Qck Surface also comes with an anti-slip silicon rubber base which provides sturdy support to prevent any sort of bulking or unwanted motion during an intense gaming frenzy.

It is tested by the top mouse sensor manufacturer to ensure accurate results to the core and pinpointing precision. This means that every thread count has been evaluated to avoid any sort of miscalculations or unnecessary mouse movements.

It is one of the most versatile gaming surfaces you can get and the price seems to be justifiable considering the radiant and responsive feedback of the pad itself, making it one of the topmost contenders in the market.

3. HyperX Fury S Speed Edition - Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

Simple Yet Effective


  • Available Surface Options for Precision or Speed
  • Impressive yet Discreet Red/Black Theme
  • Affordable
  • Wider than General Extended Pads


  • No RGB

Length: 35.4 inches | Width: 16.5 inches | Surface: Cloth Surface | Thickness: 4.064 mm

HyperX Fury S is a pro-level pad that combines the precision of the pad surface with the agility of the mice to generate the optimum output that you would come to expect from it. It comes with multiple surface options that you can choose from between precision and less friction one for speed. The handling of the speed-optimized variant is quite aggressive which is casually suitable for vigorous scrolling and clicking but the precision inclined variant is more towards providing accurate results and ideal for FPS gamers to get that instant kill.

It does not possess any cosmetic lighting but has a decent black and red-themed design to accommodate a pleasant feel during placement. Along with a cloth textured surface for wrist comfort and rubber padding on the underside to ensure a slip-free scrolling endeavor when your mouse is on the loose. The edges of the pad also have been stitched to perfection to prevent any fraying from day-to-day use.

Fury S also comes in a diverse range of sizes from small to extra large. The extra-large one is the most extensive size available which stretches to allow room for the comfortable placement of a keyboard and a mouse. This pad is an amalgamation of precision and aesthetics along with a well-thought-out design, this would surely prove to be a worthy companion for your desk.

4. Logitech G840 XL Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

A Crowd Favorite


  • Easily Rollable Design
  • Roll Carry Case Pre-included
  • Durable Anti-Crease Design
  • Attractive Color Scheme


  • Heat Sealed Edges potentially Fray Early

Length: 35.43 inches | Height: 15.75 inches | Width: Cloth Surface | Thickness: 3 mm

With Logitech on your side, you can never go wrong. Logitech G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad is no exception because it is powered by a prestigious tech company that is notoriously renowned for its superior performance and elegant design. The vast surface area provides room for more opportunities as you can always experiment with your setup. It features a performance-tuned surface that can provide optimal image sensory which makes the transition from mouse to cursor seamlessly while the textured layout ensures that your keyboard is always hooked to its place.

The surface friction along with the precision has been monitored to provide regulated feedback which does not miss. The bottom of the pad entails a stable rubber base which prevents the pad from bunching up and maintaining the position of the pad during those speedy flicks.

The thing that makes it unique from its competition is that the edges of the pad have been heat-sealed to prevent any fraying or disintegration instead of stitches. This adds to the aesthetics and the feel of the pad as you no longer have to deal with the rugged look and feel of the stitches that surround its other rivals.

The pad also includes a travel tube out of the box which can be utilized to roll and go as per your desire as the G840XL has been designed to withstand bends and corners. The portability along with the innovative concept makes it a wise choice for a lot of buyers.

5. CORSAIR MM300 - Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

Extremely Reliable


  • Efficient Textile Weave
  • Low Friction
  • Aesthetically Stitched Edges
  • Anti-Fray Sides


  • Color Combination are mediocre

Length 36.6 inches | Width: 11.8 inches | Surface: Cloth Surface | Thickness: 2.54 mm

Corsair MM300 will not encourage you to aesthetically fixate yourself to the conventional RGB supported mousepad instead it uses a rather different outlook to make the pad more appealing to the consumers, that is it makes the use of the rigidity of the design along with the Corsair logo for subtle marketing all while maintaining the exterior neatness.

The available color combination includes an ash-white background along with a grey theme and the Corsair branding which adds to the beauty of the pad.

The textile weave of the cloth surface was designed while keeping the peripheral-based reflexes in mind to allow the best mouse-wielding experience that you can get. This pad does not limit itself to anything, not even fraying as it was presented by Corsair via the motto “No Fray, No Fuss”. It lives up to the motto and the durability is undoubtedly impressive. Therefore it features premium anti-fray stitches that can add to the life of the pad.

The MM300 is ideal for pixel-precise targetting and optimized for both optical and laser gaming mice. To conclude it all, Corsair MM300 is the mid-ranger pad to invest in if quality and durability are what you strive for.


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