The Best Apple Watch Games You Need to Try in 2024

The Apple Watch gives you access to the full App Store right on your hand, making your choices endless. From fun trivia quizzes like Trivia Crack, to OG card games like Solitaire, Apple Watch offers everything. We have compiled a concise list of the best games. With a vast variety of genres, you are bound to fall in love with at least one, ending your boredom today!

Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit on the Apple Watch | Srcwap

We’ve all seen games that need to be adapted to be played on your iPhone or Apple Watch, often loosing part of the charm. But this game takes the watch’s most core function and turns it into a sneaky, time-sensitive heist. You play the game entirely with the crown on the side.

In Pocket Bandit, you must rush against the clock to unlock different safes, and steal the lost inside of them. It isn’t as simple as it sounds as you must also dodge anti-theft mechanisms you’ll find on various vaults. Get in, get rich, and get out. With over a 100 levels, including limited edition ones, you must find the vibration as if your life depends on it because in-game it actually does.

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Tiny Armies

Tiny Armies | Playstack

Ever thought you could play a fast-paced, land-conquering game on your phone? Me neither. Tiny Armies is everything we know and love, with a twist: You can even battle it out with your friends, on your wrist!

Tiny Armies allows users to swipe in order to capture more territory. During your conquest, you can encounter difficult obstacles like mountains, lakes, and forests. Get through these and destroy your opponents to be crowned the victor. But it’s not about who can swipe faster. Tiny Armies is a turn-based game meaning the player with better foresight will always come out on top. Play solo or invite your friends to this enticing, strategy game.

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Komrad | Sentient Play

We told you we added a number of different genres to this list so no one misses out. Here’s your first mystery option for all you thrill-seekers, Komrad. Take your time to figure out the dark secrets this interactive, fiction game holds.

Set in 1985, your character has been trained for the past 30 years by the Russian military AI. Now, they want you to get out there and defeat their opponents in the Cold War, which has been over for over 4 years. You must act fast and take control before things get out of hand. Text back and forth with the AI to understand the situation and make the best of it. Oh, and the AI might be tied to the second-largest nuclear power in the world so watch out.

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Lifeline on the Apple Watch | Stuff

Before all these new mystery/thriller games arrived, Lifeline was one of the most popular games out there. Released in 2015, Lifeline garnered its major player base through PC, android, and other iOS devices. Now, it is available on Apple watches as well.

The game is fairly similar to Komrad in mechanics, such that you must text back and forth with an astronaut to reveal his situation. His responses and the games progress are dependent on your answers so choose wisely. It should be noted that this game cannot be played on Apple watch solely. You’ll need to connect to your iPhone first, but once that’s done, you should start receiving messages on your Apple watch on how to proceed.

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Rules on the Apple Watch | SmartWatchZone (modified)

A fun puzzle game to kill time, Rules! is a great option. With joyful and captivating visuals and great brain development exercise, this game keeps you entertained without having you sit idle.

The game starts out pretty easy. You’re provided a few rules and you must clear the levels using those rules. If you manage to do that, you move on to the next level. Simple, right? As the game progresses, you are constantly provided with new rules you must follow. The twist is that older rules are also applicable but they are not shown to you. They will simply be mentioned as ‘Rule 3’.

You have to keep track of all the rules you have been given so far in order to progress. If you think you can keep up and want some brain-stimulating fun, this game is the right pick for you.

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Chess on the Apple Watch |

No one needs an introduction to this game as this globally-played board game is now playable on Apple watches. Chess is a very simple game that is entirely dependent on the player’s skill level. With easy mechanics and short games, it is the perfect go-to game for when you’re bored with nothing else to do. Get going and climb up that ladder!

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Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack | Etermax

Trivia Crack is one of the most played trivia games out there and its not surprising why. With an enormous player base and tons of fun-filled modes, Trivia Crack is one of the best Apple watch games you’ll find.

The rules are simple. Go toe-to-toe with different opponents from around the world, answering trivia questions. The topics can range anywhere from history and geography to arts and culture so make sure you know what you’re doing. After every win, you receive points you can redeem for exclusive characters.

Feeling lucky? You can also challenge opponents head-on or chat with your friends to see who comes out on top. Trivia Crack is a great game if you’re into trivia and want to play it for more than just fun and time pass.

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Bubblegum Hero

Bubblegum Hero | Crimson Pine Games

If you’re not looking for anything serious and just want to get through the 15 to 20 minutes, Bubblegum Hero might be a lifesaver. With extremely basic mechanics that will make you laugh, the game is harder than it looks.

The objective is simple: Press your screen and hold to blow a bubble. The bubble should fit a particular circle that is shown on the screen. Why is this so hard? Because, blow even a little out of the bubble and it’ll blast gum all over your screen. On top of that, the circles are constantly changing to add an additional layer of complexity. Think you can get through all the levels? Only one way to find out.

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Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games

Arcadia on the Apple Watch | Rafaele D’Amato

Arcadia isn’t like those other games since it isn’t one game. Arcadia is a compilation of 22 arcade games you won’t find a lot nowadays. Ranging from games like Snakes to Bowling, this brings back those childhood feelings when you’re feeling down.

The best part is that with Arcadia, there are absolutely no ads or wait times. Plus, you don’t need a big machine to play these games separately as Arcadia has merged all 22 of them under one platform for your convenience.

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Par 72 Golf Watch

Par 72 Golf Watch | SRCWAP

If you’re a sports fan, especially a golf fan, you will love this little golf game. Designed especially for Apple watch, Par 72 Golf is exactly what its name sounds like. A golfing game with tons of scenarios to play in! To add a layer of realism, the game also features obstacles like trees, ponds, and mountains.

The game has up to 3 18-hole courses, each situated in different scenarios so it does not get repetitive. If you’re stuck at home and just want to get that feeling of golf back, this could be a great starter to hone your skill and get a grasp of the game.

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Solitaire The Game

Solitaire | MobilityWare

Just like Chess, this game should need no introduction. Even so, for those who have not played the original Solitaire, it is a card game with randomly shuffled rows of cards placed face down. You must pick a card from the top of the row and try to make a complete deck.

This fun classic has now been introduced to Apple watch. With minimal knowledge or skill required, it is the perfect game for some light-hearted entertainment. If you want to make it interesting, you could always time yourself to see how quick and intuitive you really are. But the game is easy for everyone making it one of the best Apple watch games out there.

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How To Download Games From App Store on Apple Watch?

You might be wondering about how you can download some of these games on your Apple Watch. With the small screen size and limited functionality, it’s not the easiest thing to do. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

For those of you using the app store installed on the watch:

  1. Go to the Home Screen by pressing the Digital Crown.
  2. Find the App Store and tap it.
  3. Tap on the Search bar to search for a particular app. Scroll down to see featured apps.
  4. To view the description of an app, tap on it once to see ratings, reviews, and description.
  5. Tap ‘Get’ to start downloading.
  6. Tap ‘Install’ when the prompt pops up on the screen.

For those of you using an iPhone paired with the Apple watch:

Downloading from iPhone to watch | Apple Inc.
  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the My Watch tab
  3. Scroll the list of available apps and tap ‘Install’ to start it installing on your watch.

Remember that some applications are not suited for Apple Watch and may not run properly. Others can also be unavailable due to region restrictions.


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