Bayonetta 4 Seemingly Confirmed By Hideki Kamiya

According to Hideki Kamiya, director of the previous Bayonetta game, it appears that the silence surrounding a potential new instalment in the series has been broken.

The director took it to Twitter and social media to address the fans of the franchise. Perhaps in response to the feedback he’s received on social media, Hideki Kamiya says he’s been analyzing how the studio presented Bayonetta 3‘s ending. After that, he went on to casually say that as a result of this, some gamers will be taken aback by Bayonetta 4 and the path that the story will finally follow.


Kamiya noted on Twitter that while “I thought it was nothing unexpected, the last part of Bayonetta 3 doesn’t seem to have been conveyed to anyone correctly, thus I expect “Bayonetta 4″ to be a surprise for everyone.”

Many have taken the hint that Bayonetta 4 is in the works after the success of the third instalment. Things just became incredibly confusing in Bayonetta 3, and that’s being kind.
We discovered near the end of the game that a different Bayonetta had starred in each of the three games in the series.

However, for Bayonetta 4, it will be important to understand the role Bayonetta 3 has played in defining the story.

Up to this point, this is the first time Platinum Games has mentioned a Bayonetta 4, and it’s safe to assume that Nintendo will once again be sponsoring the project given their involvement with the previous two games.


Farhan Ali

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