Battlefield 2042 Reportedly To Stick With One Map Per Season Format

Battlefield 2042 was released in November 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It is the 12th mainline entry in the Battlefield franchise, and the prestige that the franchise holds this game was below par in every aspect, filled with multiple bugs, technical issues, and no new content or improvements. 

To say the least, it was a commercial and critical failure and couldn’t even please the fans. It has been almost a year since Battlefield 2042’s launch, and most of the bugs and issues have been resolved. Still, the game lacks the variety of post-launch updates to keep the game fresh.

And unfortunately, it will be the same going forward, as a blog post update of EA’s website indicates that devs will stick to the one map per season format. The short update on the website reads:

Each Season introduces a map with new experiences to challenge you and push gameplay even farther.

And with Battlefield™ Portal, you can rediscover the classic maps of Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 – or change the rules of war by adding a modern twist using content from Battlefield 2042.”

So by the looks of it following will be the offerings of every new season:

  • 1 new map
  • 1 new specialist
  • 1 new Battle Pass
  • New weapons
  • New vehicles

The only ray of hope for the fans is now Season 3 of Battlefield 2042, which is reportedly going to launch on 22nd November, and a mid-season update will completely revamp the specialist system as implied by EA’s website:

We have started work on a massive overhaul on the way that you’ll play with Specialists. This is a big undertaking for us, and whilst this work won’t feature in Season 2, we’re planning for it to feature in Season 3 later on this year. Presently we’re targeting this to go live in Update 3.2, but as we work through the changes, and incorporate more feedback, we’ll be in the best position to let you know if we can make it happen earlier in the season.”

Still, when this recent news of DICE sticking to one map format spread across the internet. Fans were straight-up disappointed as Battlefield is one of the most beloved franchises, and some recent installments, including Battlefield 2042, have ruined the experience for them. 

Maybe that is why we saw a resurgence in the player count of Battlefield 1 that was released in 2016, and in 2022 its Steam charts showed a resurgence of players, and the all-time 24-hour concurrent player count reached nearly 50K, putting the latest Battlefield 2042 to shame. 

Only time can tell what DICE has in store for the fans and how they plan to restore the franchise’s lost reputation. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comment section below.


Farhan Ali

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