Assestto Corta 2 Expected To Be Released by Spring 2024, Reveals Financial Reports

The series’ cumulative sales and the anticipated release date for the sequel have been revealed in a new document issued by Digital Brothers as part of its financial statements until December 31, 2022. According to the report, the release of Assestto Corta 2 is scheduled for the spring of 2024.

This information also reveals that over 28 million copies of the game were sold throughout the globe, which is a massive achievement for the series and will help them in their future endeavors. The company have hinted in remarks that they will set aside the Unreal Engine 4 to employ its own engine again, which might be either the most subtle or the most significant alteration to this next version.

It’s no secret that Assestto Corta 2 is one of the most anticipated racing simulator games amongst gamers. Be sure to stick around here at Appuals for updates on the game as more information becomes available.


Muhammad Zuhair

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