Intel Arrow Lake Mobile is Targeting a CES 2025 Launch

Intel’s upcoming Arrow Lake mobile offerings are now slated to arrive at the next CES in 2025. A few days ago, Intel revealed that Arrow Lake-S will launch by H2 2022 for desktop. Additionally, Intel confirmed that Lunar Lake is also set to arrive in 2024. However, it seems that mobile variants of Arrow Lake are now expected to launch sometime later, in early 2025.

Intel Arrow Lake Mobile to be Revealed at CES 2025

Bionic Squash, a reputable hardware insider asserts that ARL-H, ARL-HX and ARL-U are scheduled for a CES 2025 launch. For context, ARL refers to Arrow Lake with the H, HX, and U suffixes denoting High Performance, High-Performance Unlocked, and Power Efficient CPUs respectively.

The same information was leaked by MLID, which further confirms that Arrow Lake will only arrive for desktop this year. There is speculation that ARL mobile will use Intel’s 20A process, explaining the slight delay.

At the same time, Lunar Lake is said to utilize TSMC’s N3B process node. This explains why Intel can manage to launch Lunar Lake by late 2024.

AMD ‘Zen5’ Strix & Strix Halo

Following the same discussion, Strix Point (Monolithic) is planned to launch this year. An MCM variant of Strix, termed ‘Sarlak‘ has been delayed to 2025, something which was verified by MLID. The same goes for the upcoming Fire Range series.

At CES 2025, we hope to see major announcements from both players. Expect to see leaks regarding Arrow Lake and Zen5 in the next few weeks since both architectures are on the horizon.

CodenameTDP RangeProcess NodePerformance Core MicroarchitectureEfficient Core MicroarchitectureArchitectureRelease DateCores/ThreadsSocket
Raptor Lake (RPL)35W-125WIntel 7 (10nm)Raptor CoveGracemontHybrid (Dual Core)Launched24/32LGA 1700
Raptor Lake Refresh-S/HX (RPL-R)55W-125WIntel 7 (10nm)Raptor CoveGracemontHybrid (Dual Core)Launched24/32LGA 1700 / Mobile Platform
Raptor Lake U (RPL-U)~25W?Intel 7 (10nm)Raptor CoveGracemontHybrid (Dual Core)Launched?/?Mobile Platform
Meteor Lake (MTL)?/?Intel 4 (7nm)Redwood CoveCrestmontHybrid (Triple Core)Launched14/20Mobile Platform
Arrow Lake (ARL)35W-125WIntel 20A (2nm)/TSMC N3BLion CoveSkymontHybrid (Triple Core)H2 202424/24LGA 1851
Lunar Lake (LNL)7W-15WTSMC N3BLion CoveSkymontHybrid (Triple Core)Q4 248/8?Mobile Platform
Arrow Lake Refresh (ARL-R)35W-125W?Intel 20A (2nm)/TSMC N3BLion CoveSkymontHybrid (Triple Core)H2 202540/40LGA 1851
Panther Lake (PNL)7W-15W?18ACougar CoveDarkmontHybrid (Triple Core)Q4 25 / H1 2612/12?Mobile Platform

Source: Bionic Squash


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