AMD Strix Monolithic Uses TSMC N4P & Spans Across 225mm², Features 4x More AIE-ML Tiles & Support for LPDDR5X-8533 Memory

All The Watts has shared more information regarding AMD’s next-generation APU lineup, Strix. As we’ve discussed on many occasions, Strix will arrive in two flavors. The SKU we’re looking at today is the Monolithic variant, with some preliminary details already tipped beforehand.

Strix Point Details Emerge: N4P, 4x More AI Inference Power & Extremely Fast LPDDR5X-8533 Memory

The tweet confirms most of the things we already knew thanks to a huge leak by MLID. For starters, Strix is the successor to the current-generation Phoenix APUs. Strix makes use of a hybrid design hosting 4 Zen5 Cores and 8 Zen5C cores, with 4MB of L2 Cache for the P-Cores and 8MB of L2 Cache for the E-Cores.

The L3 size was debated for a while, however, this rumor alleges that Strix will ship with 2 CCXs, each packing 16MB of L3 Cache. This is slightly different than MLID’s leaked 24MB cache size, but configurations change all the time. The iGPU uses a modified RDNA3 architecture (RDNA3+) with 16 Compute Units (8 WGPs).

Strix will be built using TSMC’s N4P process, coming in at 225mm², ~26% larger than Phoenix. AMD seems to double down on on-chip AI Engine design, offering 4x more AIE-ML Tiles than last-gen. This, mind you, is no small change and can double or even triple performance in AI Inference workloads, making Strix fiercely competitive against Meteor Lake.

There is also support for fast DDR5-5600 memory, or blazing fast ‘soldered’ LPDDR5X-8533 DIMMs. The iGPU directly feeds off the main memory, so the faster the RAM, the faster the iGPU. However, soldered options only go so far as you’ll have to bear a lot of trouble if you wish to increase your memory capacity.

When Does it Launch?

Strix Point is currently scheduled for Q2 or Q3 2024, in line with Intel’s plans for Arrow Lake. Do note that Strix’s actual team-blue equivalent will be Lunar Lake, which should arrive during the same time frame. Both giants are investing heavily in the laptop space, with each generation far more efficient than the last.

If Strix Point and Lunar Lake launch during the same time period, which one would you prefer? Tell us in the comments.

Source: All The Watts


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