AMD Strix Halo ‘Sarlak’ Delayed to 2025

Moore’s Law Is Dead shared some updates regarding AMD’s next-generation APU lineup. The key highlights are that Sarlak, or Strix Halo is now scheduled for 2025. Moreover, following Phoenix, Strix Point will see an up to 4.5-5x uplift in AI performance.

Strix Halo ‘Sarlak’ Postponed to 2025

First on the agenda, MLID showcased an internal mobile (laptop) roadmap for AMD’s next-generation CPUs. Do note that we already know most of the codenames and their respective specifications.

The big fish, Sarlak, a possible contender to Apple’s M-series is being delayed to 2025. Strix Halo AKA Sarlak, a multi-chiplet derivative of Strix Point, features 16xZen5 cores and a 40 CU RDNA3.5 iGPU. Sarlak can dish out 45-50 TOPS which is a ~5x increase over the current Phoenix Point offerings.

AMD Internal APU Roadmap | MLID

Strix Point, or Strix Monolithic (Not to be confused with Sarlak) is the true successor to Phoenix. Coming out sometime during the middle of 2024, Strix Point has 4xZen5 and 8xZen5C cores, an iGPU based on RDNA3.5, and can push 45-50 INT8 TOPS, similar to its MCM sibling.

Current GenerationNext Generation
Dragon Range (Ryzen 7045)Fire Range (Ryzen 8055)
Phoenix Point (Ryzen 7040)Strix Point (Ryzen 8050)
Strix Halo (-)

AMD will launch Hawk Point (Ryzen 8040) sometime in 2024, likely during the first half. Hawk Point is built using the Zen4 (CPU) and RDNA3 (iGPU) architecture and offers 16 TOPS (INT8) of AI performance. This is 60% (1.6x) higher than Phoenix.

Massive Boost in AI Capabilities

An OEM informed MLID that Microsoft has now set a minimum INT8 baseline for an APU to be in the ballpark of ~45-50 TOPS. This is to make sure that all AI-centric incorporations in Windows 11, such as Coilot, work without any hitches.

AMD has simply combined its iGPU’s and AIE’s total TOPS to meet this criteria. Nevertheless, we are still witnessing a massive 4-5x increase, on par with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite SoC.

Microsoft’s TOPS Demand | MLID

Release Date

Given the fact that Sarlak is now a 2025 product, it should face fierce competition from all sides. This may give Meteor Lake some headroom in early 2024, though it will be short-lasted as Strix Point will launch just a few months later.

Source: MLID


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