Apple Unveils The M2 Ultra Chip

Apple has just announced its latest powerhouse chip, the M2 Ultra. Building upon the success of the M1 Ultra, the M2 Ultra boasts an impressive 20% improvement in CPU performance and a staggering 30% boost in GPU performance compared to its predecessor.

This cutting-edge chip will make its debut in the highly anticipated Mac Pro, which marks Apple’s first release in the Mac Pro lineup in four years. Set to hit the market on June 13th, the Mac Pro equipped with the M2 Ultra will be available at a starting price of $6,999.

But that’s not all. Apple is also updating its Mac Studio desktop system with the M2 Ultra, ensuring that professionals and creatives have access to the incredible power and performance this chip offers.

This remarkable chip delivers a jaw-dropping six times the speed of the fastest Intel-based iMac and is capable of effortlessly handling 22 streams of 8K ProRes video simultaneously.


Farhan Ali

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