Apple Decided to Delay Mac Pro In an Effort To Include “M2 Extreme” Chip

Apple’s switch to custom CPUs is quickly overtaking the whole Mac lineup. The business recently announced its second-generation M-series semiconductor, which offers improved performance while consuming less power. The Mac Pro, on the other hand, is one of the last Macs to ship with M-series CPUs. The corporation was ready to sell the Mac Pro with an M1 custom chip “months ago,” according to the latest, but opted to wait for the M2 Extreme. It is also speculated that the Mac mini will not be redesigned anytime soon.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed in a YouTube interview with Max Tech that Apple planned to replace the Mac Pro’s M1 CPU with a more powerful M2 Extreme chip. Apple will showcase the new laptop and CPU later this year, according to Gurman, but the launch will take place early next year.

Mac Pro is speculated to have new and improved features | Image: CNET

Initially, it was speculated that Apple will unveil the new Mac Pro during the WWDC 2022 event in June. However, Apple only announced the new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro featuring an M2 processor. Furthermore, at its Spring presentation, Apple intimated that a Mac Pro with customized silicon is unexpected for now.

Apple is reported to be working on a revamped Mac mini with a plexiglass top and a slimmer design. However, no official information on the item has been released as of yet. Gurman drew parallels between the Mac mini and the Mac Studio, implying that an updated Mac mini will merely have improved internals.


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